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Disgraceful! Romney: “I sure am laughing at Ron Paul”

From: Jones Report

WWBA 1040AM NewsTalk host, Mark Larsen, based in Tampa Bay, FL, snapped at Mitt Romney for laughing at Ron Paul and his policies. “Right there, he just lost my vote,” Larsen told listeners on the day of the Florida primary.

Larsen then declared he would be voting for Ron Paul despite his chances of becoming president because he’s “had it with these elitist f-‘s,” choking back profanity in response to Romney’s comments.

“You know this nervous chuckling and mocking of a guy who speaks the truth. The man who told you the truth more than any other in those debates– who wasn’t afraid to make enemies and tell the truth– was Ron Paul. And they laughed at him,” Larsen ranted.

“I sure am laughing at Ron Paul, I gotta tell you,” Romney told the NewsTalk host. “Anybody who says we gotta get rid of the CIA and FBI and that the reason we’re attacked by jihadists is because of us is a guy who deserves a little bit of humor to come his way.”

A furious Larsen said, “Keep laughing, Mitt. Talk to you later.”

“After hearing him chuckle like that, I’m going straight to that voting booth this morning and voting for Ron Paul,” Larsen proclaimed.

“It’s not funny. It’s absolutely not funny. I’ve got over 4,000 dead soldiers because of Iraq, which was ill conceived– the premise was wrong; they lied. I’ve got over 20,000 injured coming back. I’ve got a $1 trillion blown on that debacle, and he’s laughing about it,” Larsen said about Romney.

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  1. blakmira

    Yes, Romney is a real barrel of laughs, alright. A real knuckleheaded chucklehead.

    Ron Paul is too much of a gentleman to laugh at anyone else. Just as Mark Larsen said “It’s not funny,” political satirist Stephen Colbert also said “it would be funny if it weren’t so damn sad.”

    But you know what they say — he who laughs last, laughs best. And I truly believe that Ron Paul’s joyous laughter will be filling the halls of the White House come November!

    P.S. Thanks for transcribing this, it was a great interview.


  2. John Howard

    Romney is a creep, but so smooth it isn’t always obvious. I heard this interview and was really impressed and pleased by Mark Larsen’s reaction to creepy, arrogant, Romney. Romney has had more than enough opportunity to know Ron Paul’s positions and he manages to misrepresent them here. He’s a cheat and a fool. He will not be the next president. Ron Paul still might be. Ron has my vote, my admiration, and my support.

  3. Why is Romney not allowed to do what the rest of us voters are doing? Ron Paul’s schtick is hilarious. Oh, and the claim of the ronulans that Ron Paul “speaks the truth”? Even more hilarious!! What truth?? Explain that to me.

  4. This is the exact reason I’m not a Romney fan and I really dissuade people from voting from him. He might have a hard work ethic. He might be a good family man. But something in my gutt tells me this guy is a phony, and if he gets into the White House I think we are really in for a disaster. This little quote justifies my gutt feeling.

    On Meet The Press, Romney really got run around by Tim Russert. I will also say, that Ron Paul really got run around by Tim Russert, but at least Ron Paul stuck to his guns. He’s continued to talk about no CIA, no FBI, no IRS, and all that. He’s never changed his position. You can’t call Ron Paul a flip flopper. Bottomline – if you mind your business and treat others as you would have them treat you people won’t bomb your buildings. Rough words, but look inward before looking outward.

    Romney really needs to watch himself. He tried to slam McCain and that got him nowhere. He’s trying to slam Ron Paul and all this is going to get him is the same – nowhere. I’m not about to give Ron Paul the key to the White House because I don’t necessarily agree with some of his policy decisions, but I respect his positions because he doesn’t fake the funk.

    Good commentary. Thanks.

  5. Joe

    I’ve been a big Ron Paul fan for years, have voted Libertarian 3 times (Harry Brown was the man), and know the message of Ron Paul is true and what America needs.

    However, I’m a big Romney fan. His father was knocked out of the 1968 presidential race for precisely the same reason Ron Paul DOES NOT bring up his sure knowledge that our freedom has already largely been overthrown by a group of conspirators, who are billionaires in the US and abroad. Anybody who’s studied it, knows this is true. The Fed, the CFR, the Bilderbergs, etc. are all evidence of this evil inner circle of influence.

    Romney surely must know this, but he’s decided to play the game in a way that keeps the media from not ignoring him or villifying him to an even greater degree than they have.

    I think he’s calculated in his responses and trying to win the race.

    If he really thinks Paul’s policies and positions are laughable, then he will be held accountable, no doubt, by God, to a much higher standard than average, because he had knowledge and chose to go a different path.

  6. Ron Paul has my vote. He is the only one who wants to legalize the Constitution of the United States, as well as a competing currency such as gold. He knows history, just like America’s founding fathers knew history. If you want to have government run our lives, than you don’t want liberty.

  7. Actually, It looks like Romney was laughing about getting rid of the feds, not the iraq war.
    Unless Larsen is leaving out the part of the quote that made his retort relevant.

  8. Debk

    Comment by sauerkraut “Why is Romney not allowed to do what the rest of us voters are doing? Ron Paul’s schtick is hilarious. Oh, and the claim of the ronulans that Ron Paul “speaks the truth”? Even more hilarious!! What truth?? Explain that to me.”

    What part don’t you understand, sauerkraut? That we’re in an undeclared war against….exactly who? And we’re convicting people to hard time in prison for drug possession while rapists and child molesters are let out or that our economy has been butchered by our government without our permission or that the Constitution is trampled every day, along with our rights? Which TRUTH don’t you get? Pull your head out of the sand and start reading what the mainstream media refuses to report, then MAYBE you’ll ‘get it’. People that laugh at these atrocities are ignorant to the fact that their rights are threatened by the very people WE THE PEOPLE are supposed to oversee and hold accountable. Better yet, why don’t you actually READ the Constitution…wait…that might be too difficult, better let the media interpret it for you.

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