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Lou Dobbs: “Crude oil has gone up during…this administration by 6X its price in 2001”

From: CNN Transcripts

“Crude oil has gone up
during a course of this administration
by six times its price in 2001.

That’s unconscionable.”

– Lou Dobbs, 5/28/08


Chart of Crude Oil Prices


ABC & NBC Actually Reported on Bohemian Grove in ’81 & ’82


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  1. Howdy…Geezerpower here, I happened upon your artical where Arthur Scheuerman was commenting and noticed that he posted the same crap on my post on Suzie-Q’s blog as on yours. However he has now revised what
    he had in the book and this is not the first time that I have experienced this. There are radical changes in his report on “The Collapse of Building 7”. I don’t think he is alone on this and my link might better explain this…

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