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Sunday on C-Span [Maybe??]: 3rd-Party Candidates Debate — Chuck Baldwin, Cynthia McKinney, Ralph Nader (8pm Eastern)


C-span doesn’t have this listed in their schedule. And none of the sites of the three candidates have it listed either. This site says it’s happening but may not air live, and that Amy Goodman will moderate.

But C-span2 apparently will air Jesse Ventura speaking about his book: “Don’t Start the Revolution Without Me” at 6pm (eastern).

From: Common Dreams

WASHINGTON – Third-party presidential candidates finally will have their own debate: at 8 p.m. Sunday at Columbia University in New York.

The debate, which will be announced Wednesday, will include at least three of the four third-party candidates – independent Ralph Nader, the Green Party’s Cynthia McKinney and the Constitution Party’s Chuck Baldwin. Libertarian Party nominee Bob Barr said he has a scheduling conflict, but debate organizers say he wanted to appear only with Nader. (Democratic nominee Barack Obama and Republican nominee John McCain are also invited.)

Nader and Barr are on the ballot in 45 states, while the Green Party is on 31 state ballots and the Constitution Party is on the ballot in 37 states. Nader and McKinney also are on the District of Columbia ballot.

Organizers say the debate is an important exercise in democracy, especially because the debates sponsored by the Commission on Presidential Debates (the last of which is Wednesday night) exclude candidates scoring below 15 percent in national polls. Nader, the best known of the candidates, has an average of 2.5 percent in recent national polls, according to, while Barr averages 1.5 percent.

Nader … “two-thirds of the people don’t know we’re running.”

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  1. Unfortunately, it was cancelled; though the organizers are trying again for Oct. 23. Please read:

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