World Affairs Brief, October 31, 2008. Commentary and Insights on a Troubled World.

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It is time for Americans to stop voting for the “lesser of two evils,” and make a firm commitment always to vote only for principled candidates who will defend our liberty without compromise. If you are a conservative and think that we will suffer more damage under Obama than McCain, think again. Both parties are going to foist a national health insurance plan on the nation. Both will continue intervening around the world. Neither will fight against the evils of fiat money and insider trading and speculation that has brought our nation to economic destruction. Both will favor more bailouts of all varieties that will create a complete dependency upon government controls. At least with a Democrat in office the conservatives will fight against them. With a Republican in office, unthinking conservatives accept what they are told and believe that it is somehow a virtue.

I, along with Ron Paul, am endorsing Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party for President. Baldwin is principled, articulate, and capable of rising to be the next great leader of the conservative movement in America. He’s a great religious leader but will not compromise with the PTB in order to gain political favors for Christianity as do the other mainline evangelical leaders. He is also very sensitive to the fact that there are others in this nation with different religious beliefs. Baldwin allows for religious diversity and does not believe in limiting our constitutional freedoms on one religion only. Voting for a third party is not a waste of your vote. It sends a strong message to the establishment that we are not going to be fooled or persuaded any longer into voting for evil in the illusory fear of “wasting our vote.”

It is hard to stop opportunists from running for office when courts allow them to legislate benefits for others. That’s why term limits don’t work for us. It’s far easier for socialists to replaced their kind of representative than for us to find principled constitutionalists to run in a system that doesn’t have limits on lawmaking power.

Ultimately, our only long-term solution is to rebuild a network of influential conservatives and libertarians who can recognize the difference between good and bad laws (new founding fathers, if you will) so that we can build a movement to once again bind Congress and state legislatures down with the chains of a tighter set of laws–with proper limits on lawmaking powers and the use of majority rule. My Law and Government section on my personal website is a first start in this area.

I’ve tried to take the principles of the constitution and restructure them in tight legal language so our fundamental rights cannot be legislated or interpreted away. Another effort focusing on eliminating bad law directly has been started by subscriber David Shields. I encourage you to go to his website and click on the “Featured Article” link; read it and then sign on to help disseminate this to others. It’s a good beginning. If there are any other legal minds out there willing to help me begin the process of preparing a new legal structure for the Ideal State, let me know by return email.