Integrity Has All But Vanished In America

From: News with Views, Frosty Wooldridge: Where Has Integrity Vanished in America?

Last week, federal prosecutors charged Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich with a “political corruption crime spree” of mind-numbing scope that included attempting to sell Barack Obama’s U.S. Senate seat. Across the nation at coffee shops, citizens asked, “What’s happened to integrity, duty to country and honor to one’s family?”

While Illinois features the corruption-ridden Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley political machine from the turbulent 60s, his son Mayor Richard M. Daley carries on in much the same manner. Chicago houses upwards of two million illegal aliens protected by Daley’s “Sanctuary City” status—in direct conflict with Federal Laws. No illegal aliens may be arrested or deported within Chicago’s city limits. All rapists, terrorists, drug dealers and gang members enjoy protection from law enforcement.

But what about integrity? What about personal responsibility? What about taking an oath on the Bible to uphold our U.S. Constitution and laws? […]

no wonder this country falls into horrific consequences! We find ourselves becoming a third world country where corruption marches as a ‘mechanism’ by which our elected leaders operate.

I have touched only the tip of the corruption iceberg! We still don’t know the extent of the Jack Abramoff payoff scandal. We do not know the extent of all those in Congress who haven’t been caught or how many state governors remain free while they lead corrupt lives.

To my final corruption: what about U.S. Senator Barack Obama our president-elect? With one simple submission of his validated birth certificate, showing that he is a natural born U.S. citizen—he could dispel the charges that his true birth place is Kenya, Africa. Yet, he has not! He will not until he is forced.

Thus, Obama, by his lack of integrity, his lack of honesty and his lack of honor will most certainly create a Constitutional crisis. If he does not produce a valid U.S. birth certificate, he will become no different than the Kennedy’s, Blagojevich, Spitzer, Clinton and George Bush.

And our country circles the toilet while our Constitution finds itself being flushed into the sewer.

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