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Superbowl Ad: “Hulu, an evil plot to destroy the world. Enjoy”


The ad, called “Alec in Huluwood” starts with the star [Alec Baldwin] stepping into the Hollywood sign and taking an elevator below to what appears to be an underground laboratory. ” You know they say TV will rot your brain. “, Baldwin says on the ride down. ” That’s absurd. TV only softens the brain like a ripe banana. To take it all the way we’ve created Hulu. “

He goes on to explain that Hulu takes over where TV leaves off by providing ” cerebral gelatinizing shows “. And, there’s nothing we can do to stop it -” what are you going to do turn off your TV and your computer?

After Baldwin makes a reference to eating brains a tentacle slides out of his jacket slicks his hair and straightens his tie as he says “cause, we’re aliens and that’s how we roll“. Then an announcer gives the tag line ” Hulu, an evil plot to destroy the world. Enjoy.” (source)


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  1. Well those reptilians just don’t care about hiding their evil plots anymore, seeing as they were blunt enough to advertise one of their plans to turn your brains into a cerebral gelatinous substance by giving human beings free access to hit TV shows from portable computer devices. Undoubtedly one of the most clever plots to distract the humans from what really matters while turning your brain into mush.

    I think Alex Jones actually has a point. I’m mean most TV is mentally corrosive shit, but when you dress the stark truth up in a silly, funny, commerical it doesn’t seem so bad any more. That’s despite the fact your actually nodding your head and laughing in agreement with what is being said about your brain being turned to “cottage cheese”.

    The aliens wanna eat our brains? Considering all the stupid things we humans have been doing the past few decades regarding the environment, various wars with each other, and completely failing to help one another out when natural disasters erupt (or not moving when the same natural disasters happen year after year), we obviously haven’t been using our brains anyway.

    Did you catch the tag line? “An Evil Plot to Destroy the World.” Hulu is from a Chinese proverb.

    Do a little research where the funding comes from. . .

    Do you realize who owns Hulu? I mean besides Rupert Murdoch?

    It’s a company that owns many of the largest cell phone companies in various countries, plus a former US government agency, cable companies worldwide, etc.

    They really are bent on taking over the world.

    Saw that commercial and realized it was another in the line of “the truth is stranger than the fiction, so let’s use the truth”. Ugh.

    Really like the screen over the guy’s head that showed his brain turning to mush.

    Hard to believe anyone saw that commercial and thought “shit, I need to watch more TV”

  2. Did you all see the Sobe superbowl commercial? Another reptilian shapeshifter. What is up?

    Fine. But if I go to the trouble to educate you, have the decency to at least read what I’m providing. Then, I’d like you to answer the question at the bottom of my post.

    The short version is this company works with the US intelligence community.

    Hulu is owned by NBC, News Corp and a company called Providence Equity Partners. Providence Equity Partners has an interest in a number of companies including USIS. I’ll go into that one, but the rest are quite interesting as well.

    USIS, United States Investigation Services, a former US government agency providing background checks for civil service employees which was privatized in the 1990s.

    Here are some tidbits from their website, emphasis is mine:

    USIS is an information and security services company serving human resources, insurance, government agencies, and National Security markets. Headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, USIS offers background screening and risk management solutions for the transportation, healthcare, financial, gaming, and retail industries, enabling companies to make informed decisions about people and investments.

    Superior intelligence gathered by seasoned professionals is the core competency of USIS. USIS is the largest supplier of background investigations to the federal government and the preeminent source of background and drug screening services to commercial institutions nationwide. In addition, we provide risk management solutions and security and related professional services for institutions, commercial businesses, and the U.S. government. USIS is a leading supplier of program administration experts to federal agencies and U.S. interests worldwide.

    From its inception, USIS has focused on national security and helping government agencies mitigate threats to people, sensitive and classified information, operating systems and vital assets.

    USIS leverages the skills and experience of our risk management and cleared intelligence professionals to facilitate informed decision-making based on accurate analysis information in support of intelligence functions. USIS professionals use the power of leading edge technologies to support mission-critical intelligence programs for the U.S. Government. We currently provide Intelligence Analysis, Watch Officers, Special Security Officers (SSOs), logistics and intelligence training to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Department of Energy (DOE) and the U.S. Intelligence community. USIS has leveraged these skills and expertise—especially in Intelligence Analysis and Watch Officers—and, coupled with our in-depth knowledge of the CBP organization as a “named” partner on the Boeing SBInet Team.

    Now ask yourself, why would this company be interested in an entertainment based website, if it wasn’t for PROPAGANDA? Have you considered they may have developed models of what types of entertainment people watch and then are logging your viewing habits?

    But the only question I’d like you to answer is this one:

    Now what do you think of their motto, “An Evil Plot To Destroy the World”? This was from their website…

    Hulu collects personal information when you use the Hulu Services. Hulu may combine information about you that we collect with information we obtain from business partners or other companies.

    When you register, we may ask for information such as your name, email address, birth date, gender, and ZIP code. From time to time, we may also ask you optionally to provide other information. If you choose to provide such information, you are giving Hulu the permission to use and store it consistent with this policy. Therefore, please understand when you sign in with Hulu, you are not anonymous to us.

    In addition, Hulu collects information about your transactions with us and with some of our business partners.

    Hulu’s use of this information includes the following general purposes: contacting you, customizing the content and advertising you view, fulfilling your requests for products or services, improving our services, conducting research, and providing anonymous reporting for internal and external clients. We only collect personally identifiable information from you because you are voluntarily submitting the information to us in order to enjoy certain Hulu Services.

    We may conduct research on our customer demographics, internet usage, and interests and behavior based on personal data we gather.

    We may also enter into agreements with outside companies that possess the technology that allows us to customize the advertising and marketing messages you receive while using the Hulu Services.

    We may share your personally identifiable information with companies that provide services to us, including outside contractors or agents. . .

    The Hulu Services may be linked to internet websites operated by other companies. Some of these websites may be co-branded with our name or logo, even though they are not operated or maintained by us.

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