The Federal ban on marijuana is “faith based, conservative,” Stephen Baldwin claims.

But it’s really not ‘faith based’ or ‘conservative.’ Jesus never lorded it over, and neither should we. WWJD? Jesus would be Constitutional (the law of the land) and compassionate.

It’s unconstitutional, unfair (how do we regulate nicotine and alcohol? Jail-time?), uncompassionate, and even ‘silly’ (banning non-THC-producing hemp too), Ron Paul demonstrates. Constitutionally, it should be a states issue.

And “to me,” Paul concludes, “it’s an issue of freedom of choice.”

And Ron never inhaled, nor was he even in a room where he saw someone smoking, he states.

Larry King, 3/13/09[youtube=]

And Ron doesn’t even mention the huge aspect in how the Federal “War Against Drugs” is actually a war against the CIA drug running’s competition. See my Stop CIA Drug Running posts (in reverse-chronological order).

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