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2009 APRIL 4 – APRIL 10

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1934 Chicago Tribune cartoon. History repeats.

Russia test fires intercontinental missile. Hits target with precision. PressTV 2009 Apr 10 (Cached)

US: Poll shows only 53% favor capitalism over socialism – but few can can define either one. For decades America has been a socialist (collectivist) country calling itself capitalist. Citizens have no understanding of ideology. “If you don’t believe in something, you will fall for anything.”
2009 Apr 9 (Cached)

Obama asks Congress for extra $83.4 billion for expanded wars. Don’t wait for the change.
Reuters 2009 Apr 9 (Cached)

US: Government already is “Geo-Engineering” the environment. Obama Admin. considering expanding the operation. Prison Planet 2009 Apr 8 (Cached)

Agricultural scientist from India tells how corporations are destroying natural food seeds and replacing them with patented seeds that cannot reproduce on their own. If this is allowed to continue, our world is doomed. Excellent presentation.
VodPod Posted 2009 Apr 7

China: Government press agency attempted to cover up melamine scandal and created a false statement of approval from the FDA. Epoch Times 2009 Apr 7 (Cached)

US: Experts claim that Chinese have planted sabotage programs into power-grid computers to close down electrical power to coincide with massive attack. Yahoo 2009 Apr 7 (Cached)

Why are we warned against swallowing toothpaste? It’s the same reason we should not drink fluoridated water. Here are the facts. YouTube Posted 2009 Apr 7

Red Cross report says CIA-directed treatment of prisoners violates international treaties, includes extreme torture, and is inhumane.
Washington Post
2009 Apr 7 (Cached)

Celebrity doctors recommend irradiated foods and weight-loss drugs contrary to scientific evidence. Could they be influenced by money from Big Ag and Big Pharma? Natural News 2009 Apr 7 (Cached)

US: So-called Mothers Act fuels multi-billion dollar drug industry while endangering mothers and their babies. Lobbying pays big. Scoop 2009 Apr 7 (Cached)

Obama Admin. embraces Bush position on warrantless wiretapping and secrecy. Don’t wait for the change. Electronic Frontier 2009 Apr 6 (Cached)

Pfizer Pharmaceutical to pay £50m after deaths of Nigerian children in drug-trial experiment. Fines will be paid by stockholders, not executives who committed the offense. Guardian 2009 Apr 5 (Cached)

Girl tortured in Nicaraguan describes how Marxist-Leninist leaders in her country use neighborhood goon squads to suppress opposition. Obama’s neighborhood committees in the U.S. are being built on this model. WND 2009 Apr 5 (Cached)

US: Obama’s top economic advisor is a Wall Street favorite who received over $2.7 million is speaking fees from financial institutions that received bailout money. Don’t wait for the change. Allgov 2009 Apr 5 (Cached)

US: Watchdogs in federal panel to monitor how bailout money is spent say they cannot do their job, because Treasury will not provide information. The panel was created just to calm the public, not really do anything. McClatchy Posted 2009 Apr 4 (Cached)

US: Report reveals that top military generals knew about abusive treatment of prisoners and lied to Congress about it. Seton Hall Posted 2009 Apr 4 (Cached)

US: Walgreen Drug Stores announce free health care to the jobless and uninsured. Let’s hope this works and sets a precedent for other firms.
Posted 2009 Apr 4 (Cached)

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to The New World Order. If you don’t get it yet, this 10 minute video will drive it home. YouTube Posted 2009 Apr 4

Navy physicist anticipates decades of crushing cold due to new cycle of low solar activity. Yet, some people still cling to the man-made global-warming myth. IceAgeNow Posted 2009 Apr 4 (Cached)

Russian leaders favor adding gold to the “basket” of currencies to back new global money. Media will call it a “gold standard” but is merely tokenism to sell new fiat money to gullible public. What little gold might be assigned at the start eventually would be abandoned. Telegraph Posted 2009 Apr 4 (Cached)

Bank investigator blows the whistle on the massive fraud within banking industry and with the political regulators that are their partners in crime. It’s much worse than you thought.
Moyer’s Journal
Posted 2009 Apr 4

The response to Idaho flooding compared to New Orleans. The Idaho response was more rational and far less hysterical. Makes you think: Were there other factors? James4America 2009 Apr 4 (Cached)

US: Proposed bill would give the president power to close down or control flow of information over Internet for any reason so long as he claims it is for national security. This is a major goal of collectivist dictators. Mother Jones Posted 2009 Apr 4

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