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2009 APRIL 25 – MAY 1

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May Day demonstrations and violence in Turkey, Germany, and Greece is evidence of Marxist-Leninist influence among organizers. May Day has long been associated with Leftist events and celebrations. Reuters/AlertNet 2009 May 1 (Cached)

UK: Doctor at large hospital says Swine Flu pandemic feels like a phony war. Very interesting observations. Guardian 2009 May 1 (Cached)

Embryology researcher in Argentina says Monsanto weed spray may cause birth defects in children born to mothers who eat genetically engineered soy sprayed with the chemical. Soy is Argentina’s main export crop, so exposure is global. LAHT 2009 Apr 30 (Cached)

US: Journalist says Monsanto may have planted false information about HR875 allegedly banning organic gardens to trick activists into making false claims to discredit them for the real battle which is yet to follow. Daily KOS 2009 Apr 30 (Cached)

The oft-reported statistic claiming that 36,000 people die each year from regular flu cannot be confirmed. It is based on a 2003 “estimate” by the CDC without any data to support it. Natural News 2009 Apr 30 (Cached)

There have been only 7 Swine Flu deaths, not 152, says World Health Organization, and they are all in Mexico. Incidentally, details of those deaths have not been released, so they are not objectively confirmed. Is someone trying to create mass hysteria to justify a political agenda including martial law?
2009 Apr 29 (Cached)

Swine Flu pandemic: fact or fiction? This is an in-depth analysis by a well known doctor. Well worth the time. Mercola 2009 Apr 29 (Cached)

US: Government sets guidelines for Swine Flu quarantines. Non compliance can be punished by a $250,000 fine and one year in prison. If people can be convinced they are struggling to escape death, they will forget economic issues and view their political leaders, not as crooks, but as saviors.
2009 Apr 28 (Cached)

A doctor speaks out on the planned flu pandemic and tells how to protect yourself. That does NOT include inoculation with vaccines with questionable contents and unknown side effects.
2009 Apr 27 (Cached)

Ron Paul, as a Congressman and a doctor, gives his analysis of the recent Swine Flu scare.
2009 Apr 27

US: Executive and management paychecks at Wall Street financial institutions that received taxpayer bailout have returned to their high point prior to the economic crisis. Charlotte Observer 2009 Apr 26 (Cached)

Acid Reflux caused by too little acid, not too much. Mercola 2009 Apr 25

Journalist says we are being lied to about the Somalia pirates. Here’s the rest of the story.
Huffington Post
Posted 2009 Apr 25 (Cached)

China: Economy rebounds – on paper only. It’s all government propaganda. Epoch Times 2009 Apr 25 (Cached)

US: Investigation shows that Bush Admin. sought to justify its attack on Iraq by torturing prisoners into confessing to non-existent Al Aqaida links. This was a war crime of the highest order.
Posted 2009 Apr 25 (Cached)

US: Supreme Court scales back police right to search cars. LATimes Posted 2009 Apr 25 (Cached)