From: Coast to Coast AM

Tuesday May 12, 2009

Political scientist and expert in relocation for personal security, Joel Skousen will share his analysis of why the financial bailouts of the major banks are corrupt, and how the U.S. financial turmoil will be resolved by WWIII with China and Russia.



… Skousen said the collapse of the Soviet Union was a deception, and the heads of the Communist party went underground and became oligarchs. Russia plans a preemptive nuclear strike against America, he declared, by targeting such cities as Long Beach, San Diego, Seattle, Colorado Springs, Kansas City, Amarillo, Norfolk, Jacksonville, Kings Bay, GA, and Omaha, which all have military presences, as well as Washington D.C. …

A nuclear attack by North Korea, or uprising in former Soviet states could act as a trigger event, drawing the U.S. in, and setting the stage for the world war, Skousen noted.