HISTORIC BREAKTHROUGH! Learn the Truth About 9/11! Architect Richard Gage Presents the Scientific Facts to Millions on Coast To Coast AM

The media blackout dam is breaking! Praise God! Thank you, George!

This is the FIRST TIME the scientific facts about what really happened on 9/11 were broadcast to millions of Americans!

Fascinating and CRUCIAL information for Americans to know. There is no doubt that we’ve been jacked!!

Find out for yourself.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OELOQvWa8g8]Interview begins at 6 minutes

George Noory welcomes Richard Gage, founding member of Architects & Engineers For 9/11 Truth (http://www.ae911truth.org), to discuss the destruction of the three World Trade Center high-rises on 9/11, and why nearly 700 architects and engineers have found evidence for explosive controlled demolition. Airdate June 9, 2009.








“The people on the 9/11 Commission all had compromised interests in those industries.”




80-90% of the fuel burned up outside of the building. And the rest of the fuel burned up within 10 minutes. … After that we have normal office fires. … There is only enough fuel in an office to allow an area to burn for about 20 minutes.



Coast to Coast AM’s “9/11 Truth” recap with high quality audio downloads (membership required)

Top architect explains why 9/11 buildings were brought down by controlled demolition and Al Qaeda didn’t have the technology or access to do it. Who did? Two months before the ELEVATOR MODERNIZATION PROJECT, Nick ROCKEFELLER predicted a 9/11-like event to trigger war!

Rockefeller Predicted “Event” To Trigger War Eleven Months Before 9/11

David Rockefeller: “I’m PROUD of” being “part of a SECRET CABAL working AGAINST the best interests of the United States”

Molten Steel Found at Ground Zero Weeks After 9/11

Architect Richard Gage, founder of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, on The Standard (Vancouver, B.C.)

All of my 9/11 truth posts in reverse chronological order

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