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2009 JUNE 27 — JULY 3

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US: Jobless rate sinks to 9.5% (probably higher) and those with jobs are receiving less pay. Trend expected to continue. SFGate 2009 July 2 (Cached)

California to begin printing $3.4 billion in IOUs to pay for its deficit. The politicians who created this deficit still are not willing to cut spending. CalHealthLine 2009 July 2 (Cached)

US: New Senate bill fines those who refuse to purchase health insurance. Collectivists abhor freedom-of-choice. Yahoo 2009 July 2 (Cached)

Obama (the “peace candidate”) launches military excursion in Afghanistan. It is the largest marine operation since Vietnam. Raw Story 2009 July 1 (Cached)

US: Fuel tax could be replaced by tax on miles driven, monitored by a GPS device in every car. In addition to revenue, this will give government an excuse to track where you go. McClatchy 2009 July 1 (Cached)

US: 30 states face new budget without enough money to operate. Services being cut – but collectivist overhead remains.
2009 July 1 (Cached)

US: Evidence of global cooling censored by EPA because it would weaken the case for collecting carbon taxes. Freedom’s Sake 2009 June 30 (Cached)

Suppressed EPA document shows global warming to be a hoax. Fox/YouTube 2009 June 29

US: Brookings Institute (New World Order think tank) holds strategy seminar & mentions possibility of goading Iran into a “horrific provocation” so that the U.S. could attack, not as aggressors, but as saviors. Does Pearl Harbor and 9/11 come to mind?
Prison Planet/Brookings
2009 June 29 (Cached)

The power base of global banking and finance is rapidly moving from New York and London to Switzerland – and this WILL affect you. Here are the details you need to know.
News with Views
2009 June 29 (Cached)

US: House passes climate bill that will saddle Americans with higher energy costs and give government control over how companies and individuals use energy – to protect the environment, of course. Washington Post 2009 June 27 (Cached)

Guatemala: Man writes an Internet tweet about corruption in the government-owned bank and is imprisoned for “undermining public trust in the banking system.” AP/Google 2009 June 27 (Cached)

US: So-called hate-crime bill threatens talk shows that defend the Constitution and oppose corruption in government – in the name of protecting minorities, of course. Blacklisted News 2009 June 27 (Cached)

US: Five more banks seized by the governmet, raising failures this year to 45.
Bloomberg 2009 June 27 (Cached)

Ladies, before accepting a mammogram, review these facts. Mercola 2009 June 27

US: Fed Chairman Bernanke fears economic collapse if the Fed is audited.
Posted 2009 27

Arizona passes bill to challenge Federal health care program by allowing citizens freedom to choose their own health care program.
10th Amendment Center
Posted 2009 June 27 (Cached)

US: MIT scientists conclude that increase in greenhouse gasses may not be man-made after all. Daily Galaxy Posted 2009 June 27 (Cached)

US: 31,000 scientists sign statement that there is no convincing evidence of human activity causing global warming. Yet, politicians completely ignore the evidence and push for laws to control industry and tax citizens for energy use. This is about political power, not the environment.
Class Brain
Posted 2009 June 27 (Cached)

California to see record number of hotel foreclosures. HNN Posted 2009 June 27 (Cached)

Motion picture cartoon from 50 years ago is an amazing prediction of what has become of America and why. YouTube Posted 2009 June 27

Mistaken diagnoses of Shaken Baby Syndrome may have sent thousands of innocent people to prison, according to a new study. Crime Report Posted 2009 June 27 (Cached)

Zimbabwean newspaper wins advertising prize for printing billboards on worthless government banknotes. Guardian Posted 2009 June 27 (Cached)

Food shortage is a bigger crisis today than the economy. Stockpiles are falling rapidly, and impact soon to be felt. Seeking Alpha Posted 2009 June 27 (Cached)

Government prevents Noah from building his Ark. A whimsical story but with much truth in it.
Posted 2009 June 27

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