YES!!! AE911 Truth Booth at Michael Franti’s “Power To The Peaceful” Festival!

From: Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth!

Oct 3, 2009
AE911Truth Booth at SF Power To The Peaceful Concert
— Michael Marino and Scott Beery

AE911Truth joined forces with the Northern California Truth Alliance headed by Carol Brouillet at a rally for 9/11 Truth in the Panhandle of Golden Gate Park on Saturday morning, September 12th. We then marched up Ashbury Street to Haight Street and up to Golden Gate Park with the AE911Truth banner “Hundreds of Architects & Engineers Demand a Real Investigation,” where we entered into the arena of the Power To The Peaceful Festival. We set up the powerfully branded AE911Truth exhibit booth which drew a lot of attention throughout the day.

We distributed stacks of information about the evidence for explosive controlled demolition on 9/11 to a curious crowd.

I held a large banner that had printed on it “9/11 Truth Now,” and was asked by some young people “…what is the truth”? It was virtually impossible to hold a conversation over the blaring speakers that rattled one’s body even 75 yards from the stage, but shouting I did manage to convey the addresses of some websites for future reference and hand out the AE911Truth evidence-based “street brochures.”

It was a great day and thousands of people saw our banners: “Open A New Investigation Into 9/11,” “9/11 Truth Now,” and “STOP The Cover-UP.” The undercover cops were kind ⎯ asking if they could take our pictures.

Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney dropped in and made a rousing speech that brought a roar from the ecstatic crowd.

Although the event was a big hit and enjoyed by so many, there continues to be a large number of peace advocates who are not particularly interested in our message “9/11 Truth brings Peace.” This is the ongoing challenge we face in the struggle to open a real investigation, but progress is being made. Hopefully the sun will shine on us next year and we will hear some serious talk about the reality of the 9/11 problem that got us involved in the Middle East.

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