Fox News’ Propaganda-meister Sean Hannity Says Ron Paul is Nuts. Ronald Reagan should be our ‘conservative’ example instead. But what was Ronald Reagan’s legacy, really?

Hannity Says Ron Paul is Nuts


November 14, 2008

In a segment with Chuck Norris, Fox propaganda meister Sean Hannity said Ron Paul is nuts. He did not elaborate. Instead, he blathered on about how he would change the Republican party and steer it back to its imagined conservative roots. Hannity cited Ronald Reagan as the example.

Hannity makes his comment about Ron Paul two minutes and 30 seconds into the video below. Here is a partial transcript of the exchange between Norris and Hannity:

Hannity: I’d like a Chucktatorship.

Norris: Yeah and if it was, I said I would go to congress , I’d line up every member of congress, and I’d have Ron Paul, who I believe is the, probably the, one of the more honest ones there, and I’d say Ron, point out the honest ones.

Hannity: I like Ron Paul, he’s nuts.

Norris: yeah I know. That’s why I like him.

Hannity: Alright, yeah, well there you go,

Norris: he’s nuts, but anyway, I’d choke out every dishonest politician that’s up there.


In regard to the “conservative” legacy of Ronald Reagan — he talked a good show (or his speechwriters wrote a good show) but he did not deliver.

Reagan entered the White House as a conservative ideologue who promised a conservative revolution. He promised to slash the size of government, radically scale back entitlements, and deploy the powers of the presidency in pursuit of socially and culturally conservative goals. Reagan didn’t accomplish any of these objectives. He did manage to balloon the deficit to a historically high level through increased “defense” spending. In order to deal with this, he raised taxes in 1983 with a gasoline tax and in 1984 mainly through closing tax loopholes for business. Reagan raised taxes four times just between 1982-84.

Reagan merely continued the globalist pattern. Wall Street investors made out during the 1980s at the expense of workers and the common folk. Since 1980, the gains from U.S. economic growth have gone largely to large transnational corporations and the global elite.

Reagan the hero of Hannity and the neocons intensified the covert war in Afghanistan. He traded U.S. acquiescence toward Pakistan’s nuclear bomb for its help in creating and arming what would ultimately become the Taliban and al-Qaeda. Neocons characterize this as winning the “Cold War.”

War and mass murder was the hallmark of the Reagan years. In addition to the mass slaughter in Afghanistan, Reagan armed Latin American paramilitaries and death squads. He praised the Nicaraguan Contras — armed and supported against the will of Congress — as freedom fighters. He compared them to the founding fathers as they murdered school teachers and petty bureaucrats.

Ron Paul would put an end to all of this foreign intervention and mass murder. He would audit and move to end the Federal Reserve. He would loosen the stranglehold of the banksters on the economy.

Neocons are aghast at the prospect of that is why they have worked so hard to undermine the tea party and patriot movements – inspired in large part by the Ron Paul Revolution – and replace their leaders with staunch Republicans.

For Sean Hannity and the Republicans, Ron Paul is more than an easily dismissible nut — he threatens the very foundation of the Republican party, the flip-side of the Democrat party. He would put them out of business once and for all and this scares the daylights out of them.

For the modern version of the age-old statist, regardless of party affiliation, anybody who advocates fidelity to the Constitution and an end to foreign wars and intervention has to be nuts. For them, only a mental case would suggest getting rid of the bankers.

One thought on “Fox News’ Propaganda-meister Sean Hannity Says Ron Paul is Nuts. Ronald Reagan should be our ‘conservative’ example instead. But what was Ronald Reagan’s legacy, really?

  1. Bob

    No one person can change anything. If Reagan couldn’t do it, Ron Paul can’t either and especially now. The powers that be are sticking their thumbs up the rear ends of the American People and they know there’s not much we can do about it.

    You could fire the entire congress (which would be nice) and replace them. But that alone would not do much more than make a dent in the inherent problem.

    Now, if you could fire the entire Congress and simultaneously abolish the Federal income tax and cut the size and influence of the Federal Government by 80-90%, then that would put the power back into the hands of the States where it belongs and closer to the people.

    It’s funny. It’s a hoot! The Federal Government (actually the powers that be that control the two parties) takes our money and uses it to control us and destroy the United States as we once knew it.

    The powers that be set things up nearly 100 years ago to make the Federal Government all powerful controlling all institutions – primarily through the Federal income tax, the Fed and taking over the national press, and eventually education. That all happened in a relatively short period of time. That sowed the seeds of destruction. These steps set our Federal Government to grow and eventually to excercise authority it doesn’t have under the Constitution – like this health care power grab.

    Once the power was centralized sufficiently all it takes is for those who pull the strings of the two parties to put their men in charge and pull their strings.

    It’s pretty transparent now. Maybe that’s what Obama means by “transparency.” At least for those that are paying attention.

    Until you understand the deck (or system) is currently stalked against the people of the United States, you can’t begin to do anything about our situation.

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