Ron Paul vs Sarah Palin

“Where and when has Palin ever articulated a coherent alternative to the orthodox Republican doctrines of supply-side economics and endless war? She isn’t about to do it in her “book,” and she isn’t capable of it.

What is especially irksome, however, is that there is indeed a populist champion of the Tea Party grassroots, someone with the knowledge, the organization, the proven fundraising ability, and the principles to lead the GOP out of its ideological and political morass: Ron Paul.

Palinism‘ is a hairstyle. Paulism is a bona fide movement.”

– Justin Raimondo, editorial director of (source)

[youtube=]What is Sarah Palin?

Former Alaskan Governor and 2008 Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin represents cult of personality more than any serious political platform.


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