[video] Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura — Episode 5: Secret Societies

I can’t believe this [Episode 5, Secret Societies] aired last night.”

The only part I disagree with is with Dr. Laibow.
She says it [the H1N1 vaccine] will kill a bunch of people in the open. …
But overall, she did a great job as well.”

“[Daniel] Estulin, I recommended.
Dr. Monteith, I recommended.
I was the main consultant on this show [episode].”

It’s just a great program,
and I’m really honored to be involved with it

— Alex Jones on The Alex Jones Show, 12/31/09

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_VyC-5Cx9gg]Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura – Ep. 5: Secret Societies


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