[Glenn Beck/Faux News] Did Rick Perry’s Clear Channel Connections Sink Debra Medina?

From: Burnt Orange Report

Last week, I argued that Debra Medina was set-up by Glenn Beck and Rick Perry (“Gut Reaction: Team Rick Perry Used Glenn Beck to Attack Debra Medina”). As you’ll recall, Medina was skyrocketing in the polls — it was certain she would force a runoff, and becoming increasingly possible that she would be in that runoff herself. For Medina, a quick appearance on Glenn Beck’s radio show probably seemed like a terrific idea — Beck’s constant promotion of extreme right-wing views appealed to the type of people who were supporting Debra Medina.

But Medina was not talking to Glenn Beck the activist — because there is no such thing. Especially not when Beck’s boss is such a major supporter of Rick Perry. According to the Texas Ethics Commission, Clear Channel CEO and Chairman Lowry Mays has donated almost $300,000 to Rick Perry.

Clear Channel CEO Donations to Perry
Year Donation
2001-2002 $51,400
2003-2004 $55,000
2005-2006 $80,000
2007-2008 $50,000
2009 $50,000
Total $286,400
Source: Texas Ethics Commission

Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and countless other right-wing radio station personalities are owned by Clear Channel. Beck is paid $10 million by a Clear Channel subsidiary for his radio show (Source: Forbes). Is it any surprise, then, that he ambushed Medina the way he did — and subsequently told all of his radio listeners to support Perry? After he finished his interview with Medina, Beck went on to pronounce his love for Rick Perry (Source: Radio Interview Transcript):

GLENN: I think I can write her off the list. Let me take another look at Kay Bailey Hutchison if I have to. Rick, I think you and I could French kiss right now.

PAT: Let me tell you something. He’s a damn handsome man.

GLENN: He’s a damn handsome man.

PAT: Looks good in a pair of jeans.


PAT: He’s a handsome man.

GLENN: Wow. The fastest way back to 4%.

The set-up by Beck was quickly echoed throughout the mainstream media. The Dallas Morning News went on to immediately call it a “game-ending-gaffe.” Few in the media, however, noted Perry’s financial ties to Clear Channel and Glenn Beck — or took any moments to repeat the absolutely bizarre conspiracy theories Beck puts out on his own. After all, this is Glenn Beck:

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