President Obama Caught Lying About His Uncle

[youtube=]A HUGE Obama Gaffe – He is Caught LYING About his Uncle!

Obama tells a lie about an uncle who never existed and events that never took place. He did not even spend a few minutes trying to get the basic facts before inventing this lie. He’s caught out… completely. (source)

2 thoughts on “President Obama Caught Lying About His Uncle

  1. Coldda Nhell

    obama, like hillary, feels completely comfortable making things up as they go along to make themselves appear larger than life. the sad truth is that even after repeated lies, there are politically ignorant, naive, and/or just plain ignorant people that are willing to accept all his lies and take from one and give to another programs because they, like he, have never worked for their keep. progressives are completely comfortable never taking responsibility for their actions. chairman obama is a manufactured puppet, much like and “american idol” contestant. he has no bankground of honest work, running a business, hiring/firing people, and just living without public assistance money. unfortunately, he is blackmailing voters, illegal alien families, poor, weak, naive young adults, bankrupt companies, bankrupt municipalities and states, and adding massive spending to squelch conservatives that want to take back their country. if we don’t take back congress and senate this year, all will be lost. his spending and lies have been so fast and viral that it will take generations to undo his corruption. he is an angry 1/2 breed who is uncomfortable in his own skin. he lies about his past, present, and what he wants for america’s future. he has done more to poison race relations than any man in the past 150 years. what a legacy he is leaving for his family name, his children, and his race. he has no shame or soul, and so he is a huge barge with no motor and no captain, just reaking havoc and destruction wherever and whenever he blows ashore. he and other corrupt progressive leadership are more than happy to sell their souls to the devil because they believe in no God, and no devil. their actions are not judged or weighed against anyone or anything. they have no bounds. they are omnipotent.

    1. Jeff Fenske

      It really is hard to understand how politicians can make things up and sound so believable.

      You mentioned Hillary. She was exposed for fabricating a story on how she and Chelsea were under fire while landing or taking off from a foreign airport — an event that totally didn’t happen.

      It’s amazing how these people think and act, but they may believe in God, but just believe that they’re going to heaven no matter what — which seems to be what most Americans believe. All we have to do is say this one little prayer and wallah!

      As far as what you say about his race in pejorative terms (how does that help solve anything?), I don’t know that he isn’t or is uncomfortable in his own skin. But since many whites still make race a big deal (and even curse those who are black), maybe he is.

      I think the number one cause of racism is whites wishing evil against blacks, which is called cursing in the Bible (James 3).

      Whites hating blacks may be one of the major reasons why America is going down. How would you like to be hated just because you have a certain skin color — day after day after day. And they certainly do feel this. It’s demonic.

      The legacy that now is America: “people cursing people.”


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