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2010 MAY 1 – 7

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US: Stock market plunged almost 1000 points in a matter of minutes on May 6th. This article lists 8 popular theories for why it happened. [Our opinion is that theories 3, 6, and 8 are correct especially #8 which mentions the “plunge-protection team”. The market badly needed to contract to a realistic level and was attempting to do so until the government intervened to block the free-market from functioning.]
Economic Collapse
2010 May 7 (Cached)

Ron Paul’s Audit-the-Fed bill is watered down at the last minute and, because all meaningful features have been removed, gets the approval of Obama. The powder-puff version could be approved in the Senate today or Monday unless Senators are flooded with phone calls and emails of protest. In the video attached to this article, Ron Paul provides the details. MorphCity.com 2010 May 7 (Cached)

US: Freddie Mac asks for another $10.6 billion from the US Treasury and says it will need more later on. It already has taken over $50 billion from taxpayers. [As long as collectivists dominate the government, they will continue to fleece the public in the name of helping the public.] Yahoo News 2010 May 6 (Cached)

California students kicked off campus for wearing American-flag T-shirts and bandanas on Cinco de Mayo day. School administrators say they can wear them any other day, but to do so on a day that celebrates the heritage of Mexican students is “incendiary” and would lead to fights. [We don’t think wearing the American flag is in good taste at any time, but the issue here is the right to do so. Schools do not forbid the wearing of orange on St. Patrick’s Day lest the Irish will start a fight, so why should it be different for Cinco de Mayo? If wearing the American flag really would lead to fights, then the fault lies with those who start the fights, because that would reveal their lack of respect for the rights of others and for the symbol of America.] NBC 2010 May 6 (Cached)

US: President’s Cancer Panel says chemicals in commercial products now pose serious risk to health and calls for companies to prove safety of a chemical before it can be used. There now are over 80,000 chemicals used, but only 200 are regulated. Washington Post 2010 May 6 (Cached)

US: British Petroleum’s largest campaign donations went to Obama in attempts to influence US energy policy. The oil giant is one of the largest lobbyists in Washington, having spent $15.9 million last year alone. Money is evenly split between Democrats and Republicans. [Whoever holds the power gets the cash.] Reuters 2010 May 5 (Cached)

UK’s 2010 deficit has been estimated at 12% of its GDP, even higher than Greece and the highest of any EU state. [As Margaret Thatcher once said, “The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.] Guardian 2010 May 5 (Cached)

I just spoke with Michael Badnarik, former Presidential candidate on the Libertarian ticket and a member of the Freedom Force Hall of Honor. In December of last year, Michael had a severe heart attack. A week later, we heard that his prognosis was not good. Today, however, Michael says his health is 120%, and his stubbornness still is far above acceptable. He is back on the road delivering his famous seminar on the Constitution. He can be contacted at scholar@constitutionpreservation.org.
G. Edward Griffin, 20010 May 5

Canadian couple tells US border guard they didn’t know which specific shops they were going to visit. When they ask why they were being asked that question, they are arrested. Listen to the actual conversation recorded on the couple’s video camera. You will be angry. InfoWars 2010 May 5 (Cached)

London Internet Cafes have signs warning users against accessing “extremist” content, for which they could be criminally prosecuted. The signs state that the owners of the premises are working with the police. Prison Planet 2010 May 5 (Cached)

New study shows that multi-vitamin and calcium supplements can reduce the risk of breast cancer by 30%. Natural News 2010 May 5 (Cached)

Federal Reserve is quietly lobbying the Senate to defeat the Audit-the-Fed bill. No surprises there but, if the bill is not passed or watered down to make it ineffective, you will know why.

Huffington Post
2010 May 4 (Cached)

New York police are using the recent failed terrorist bombing as justification for greatly expanding their surveillance-camera program. These cameras will monitor citizen activities and spot “suspicious behavior.”
[One terrorist assuming he is genuine is caught without cameras; so thousands of cameras are installed to monitor law-abiding citizens forevermore. Collectivist logic at its best.] AFP 2010 May 4 (Cached)

California gets over 800,000 signatures (twice the number needed) to freeze action on its Cap & Trade law and put it on the ballot in November where it stands little chance of being approved. MorphCity.com 2010 May 4 (Cached)

Mayor of Phoenix wants the city to sue Arizona over its tough immigration law, but the City Attorney tells him he can’t do it. Why not? Because only the City Council can authorize law suits, and the Council supports the law.
[It will be interesting to see if this mayor is re-elected.] CBOnline 2010 May 4 (Cached)

Jim Traficant, former Democrat Congressman from Ohio, has completed a 7-year prison sentence and now is running for his old seat in Congress as an Independent. He says he was framed by the Justice Department because he would not go along with Washington’s hidden agendas. He wants to replace the income tax with a 25% consumption tax, bring US troops home. and stop illegal immigration. [Unfortunately, he endorses most collectivist programs, but his stance on issues like these have made him a popular candidate.] LA Examiner 2010 May 4 (Cached)

Utah sues drug makers for failing to warn of possible life-threatening side effects of their antipsychotic  drugs. PsychNews 2010 May 4 (Cached)

US delegation at UN conference on international food regulation is attempting to block any requirement that genetically modified foods be identified as such on their labels. Even worse, any food product that says it is “not GMO” would be prohibited.
[The criminal collusion between GMO food companies such as Monsanto and government agencies becomes obvious once again.]
Natural News
2010 May 4 (Cached)

Minnesota Republican candidate for Governor, Tom Emmer, is gaining popularity for his proposed amendment to the state constitution to nullify all federal laws as applied to Minnesota – including Obamacare unless the state legislature approves them. Newser 2010 May 3 (Cached)

Watch this clip from an upcoming AIDS documentary that exposes the marketing and fabrication of AIDS risk in exchange for funding. Printed story attached. Natural News 2010 May 3 (Cached)

US Taxpayers will fund a major portion of the Greek bailout, because the Federal Reserve provides 20% of the money for the IMF, the entity that will lend the money. This will be used to pay back the banks that made unwise loans to Greece previously so they will be saved while taxpayers will absorb the losses. [If you have friends who still don’t think there are conspiracies in government, ask them to explain this.] Business Insider 2010 May 3 (Cached)

US Congress cancels its own pay raise this election year under pressure from voters. 44% of them are millionaires. McClatchey 2010 May 3 (Cached)

US: The federal Pension Protection Agency, which is supposed to protect America’s corporate retirement funds, says the number of failing funds has tripled since the recession. The agency, itself, has been charged with questionable accounting practices and issuing false reports to Congress. CFPI 2010 May 3 (Cached)

UK: A Christian preacher is imprisoned for saying in public that homosexuality is a sin. He was charged with using abusive or insulting language, contrary to the Public Order Act. [The issue is not if he “abused or insulted” anyone but if he has a right to speak what he believes even if others claim they are abused or insulted. If he had said that homosexuality was ordained by God, he would have “abused and insulted” many people, but would not be imprisoned nor should he be. Such is the selective nature of justice under collectivism.]
2010 May 3 (Cached)

Eco-product labels often contain phrases that sound good but are meaningless or outright deceptive. Natural News 2010 May 3 (Cached)

North American bee populations have declined by one-third per year for the last 4 years and are approaching extinction. This could reduce the world food supply by almost half. Many bee experts say that pesticides and genetically modified crops are the cause, but government regulators do nothing. Bee keepers accuse these agencies of being on the take from chemical companies.
AlterNet 2010 May 2 (Cached)

US: FDIC shuts down seven more banks at a cost of over $7 billion, bringing total closures to 64 so far this year. The agency expects to run out of money soon. [When that happens, it will turn to the US Treasury and the Federal Reserve to simply create money as needed, a process that passes the cost to the public through inflation and higher consumer prices.]

Daily Finance 2010 May 1 (Cached)

Last week we sent a request to all subscribers asking for help in locating a complete copy of the April 23 edition of Unfiltered News, which had been accidentally erased from our server. Happily, we were able to recover it, and it now is back in the archives section of our web site. We received over 400 responses to this request, which speaks volumes about how dedicated our subscribers are. It was almost worth having this problem just to learn that our readers really care. Thanks to all of you for your help.
G. Edward Griffin

Overpopulation is a myth. To the contrary, many populations in advanced cultures are at risk of extinction. Population Research Institute Posted 2010 May 1 (Cached)

Los Angeles counterfeiting operation is discovered in a penthouse where stacks of counterfeit $100 bills were uncovered. Ironically, the penthouse has a direct view of the Federal Reserve building.
[Some of us think the police raided the wrong building. The Federal Reserve creates far more worthless money than any counterfeiter in history.]
LA Times
Posted 2010 May 1 (Cached)

Greece is offered a bailout by EU and UN in exchange for its financial sovereignty and for austerity commitments. [When it fails to keep those commitments, the hapless nation will be virtually foreclosed and absorbed into the New World Order. Expect to see this same sequence in all nations in deep debt. Globalists have led those nations into economic crisis because, from the beginning, they have anticipated this end game.]
The Economic Collapse
Posted 2010 May 1 (Cached)

Tax-amnesty TV commercial in Pennsylvania is designed to scare citizens into paying their back taxes. It says “We know who you are. Find us before we find you.” YouTube 2010 Posted May 1 (Cached)


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

US: Short video program, entitled “Policing for Profit” explains the growing trend for police at all levels of government to permanently take your personal property (homes, cars, cash) if they suspect it was used to commit a crime even if you are never tried or convicted of that crime.
Institute For Justice
2010 Mar 30 (Cached)

G. Edward Griffin explains the philosophy and strategy of Freedom Force International.
2010 Apr 27

Just discovered: 2007 interview of G. Edward Griffin in Norway upon publication of the Norwegian edition of his book, World without Cancer. Google Posted 2010 Apr 25

Journalist uncovers massive fraud in global humanitarian aid industry. Book details how aid organizations help to prolong wars and benefit the perpetrators of genocide rather than their victims.
Guardian 2010 Apr 25 (Cached)

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