Satanism in Music: “HOW DO YOU THINK I BECAME FAMOUS the way that I am? … People like to dance to our music. In reality, THE SPIRITS take control of us – or in other words, possess us, ENERGIZE US – and in turn we pass the influence on to the people”


One night at a séance we met a very famous big band jazz band leader and his wife. He played a lot in Montreal, Canada; Vancouver the big cities. The spirits had told him to talk to us and he invited us to an expensive restaurant. We had our favorite alcoholic beverages and as we talked the band leader said, “How long have you fellows been involved with sorcery?” It shocked us a little bit; and I said, “exactly what do you mean?” “Well”, he said, “You know, what you people are doing, talking to the supposed spirits of the dead”. He said, “This is silly. You see, my wife, goes to the séances because she gets comfort and she gets something good out of it; a good feeling out of it and she lives for what the spirits are going to say that the future’s going to be like. Me, I can’t bother with this stuff.” He said, “I want power, I go right to the source of power. How do you think I became famous the way that I am?”

I said, “You must have had some good luck.” Well he said, “There’s no such thing as ‘good luck’, there’s either some power working for you somewhere, or you don’t get ahead in this world, not in my type of occupation. You see for years I was a failure in maintaining my own jazz band. But then I was fortunate enough to be introduced to spirit worship. And by that great power I have obtained everything I had always wanted. From that day on, it was instant success my band. The news media got excited about us, and we became the talk of the town. In no time we reached the top. {Now}, our fees are the highest in the industry. People like to dance to our music. In reality, the spirits take control of us – or in other words, possess us, energize us – and in turn we pass the influence on to the people. They like what they get and keep returning for more of the same. One time I had an interview on the radio with six of the top people in the radio world from Montreal and Toronto interviewing me. Everything I said seemed to fascinate them. In fact, I was amazed at my instant responses. Never had I been so witty in my life. And I enjoyed the attention they gave me. It almost reached a state of worship. This success of mine is easy to figure out once a person understands the mighty power of the spirits, and how to get that power working for you.”

Satanism in Music an Account by Roger Morneau Secret Societies Witchcraft Freemosonry Illuminati

Satanism in Music by Roger Morneau Illuminati…Exposed

It was through Roger Morneau’s experiences in spirit worship that he realized God was very real, because spirit worshipers spoke of God as an adversary to their God Lucifer (Satan), and the very real battle between the two that is manifesting itself on Earth through Christians and followers of Satan. Roger Morneau said the spirits would confess that the battle is still ongoing, and that Satanists were convinced that Jesus (God) would forsake the Earth, and leave it to Satan and his followers. This is NOT true, but it’s what keep Satan’s followers empowered and believing.

Roger Morneau went on to write a handful of books about his experiences with the occult, and also about the power of prayer, which he used to rid himself of the demons that would hound him. This video is from his interview “A Trip Into the Supernatural”. Watch the whole video at (source)


Roger Morneau’s SECRET SOCIETY occult experience: How the SPIRITS SEDUCE AND EMPOWER the ‘elite’ to control society and make big MONEY — MUSICIANS are spirit energized — TEACHERS OF EVOLUTION receive great capacity and power to induce spiritual blindness so students reject the Creator

9 thoughts on “Satanism in Music: “HOW DO YOU THINK I BECAME FAMOUS the way that I am? … People like to dance to our music. In reality, THE SPIRITS take control of us – or in other words, possess us, ENERGIZE US – and in turn we pass the influence on to the people”

  1. Some of the the musics on the radio are just awful, but this does explain how they became so popular. It’s pretty scary how much influence they have over the masses.

    1. Evan,

      Music does have a really big effect, including in country music, which mixes God, Mom, apple pie, sex, getting drunk and warmongering, bullying to the max. And many are tuning in. The truly Godly singers won’t get promoted, which has gone on for decades.

      What is also interesting is that Christian record labels were taken over by the same secular record companies, which in my opinion mostly only put out fluff that has no power and puts the people to sleep — “I’m okay, you’re okay … God loves us not matter what.” And most of the ‘worship’ music falls flat because the musicians aren’t worshiping in Spirit and in truth.

      It’s all dead. And this is what all of the ‘Christian’ radio stations play. There is nothing else out there.

      Christian music used to be really exciting back in the ’70s, before it was bought out. I’m glad that I’m old enough to have experienced that. And I really liked the Vineyard worship music in the late ’80s too. Shortly thereafter, both John and Chris Wimber died. Hmmm. I have a theory on that, by the way.

      I don’t know about you, but personally, I can’t stomach K-Love. They actually admit that they have a fictitious forty-something soccer mom as their target audience. Their goal is to get her to know that God loves her no matter what — even if we are willfully sinning. They won’t say that, of course, but that is their spiel: “Positive encouragement – K-Love!”

      Whether we actually love our neighbors as ourselves (including Iraqis, Iranians, etc.) and God with all of our heart, or not.

      It’s all okay. Just sing along.

      And now we’re looking at the fall of America — but they’ll all be raptured out before anything bad happens.

      Music really does affect society. I wanted to have a low-powered FM station in which I could broadcast the best of the best secular and Christian music, mainly. But the FCC refused to allow the permits.

      And online stations aren’t viable because the record company want to charge for every song being played, whereas they promote their songs to be played by commercial radio stations.


      1. I don’t know who K-Love is, but I bet it is hard to find musics that really attract the Holy Spirit. Its funny how I met my personal Holy Spirit through Credo in Latin, more catholic based music. Musics backed then really had more anointing. He really loves the song and would popped in (I’m very spiritual sensitive) whenever I played it. Interesting it became one of my favorite song as well. But thank you for pointing that out-I did not know so many Christians songs have no anointing over it.

  2. What a suprise theyve removed the video..

    As an ex- idol and spirit worshipper I can conclude that the world is being geared up (by media) for people to fall and live a life of recklessness. But even this is just a piece of the large puzzle. A slow but sure setting up for the grand deception.. the soon coming “National Sunday Law”!

    Revelation 12:17 – REMNANT.

  3. JJ

    Knowing all these specific truths aren’t important. Jesus told us not to be caught up in the ways of the world. There are no answers coming through the channels of society. And that is precisely why He told us to sacrifice this life. Give up our place in society. Throw away all your worldly possessions. Live by necessity and that of a servant. Music, movies, politics, fashion, norms, trends. It all consists of deception used to mislead people away from God’s spiritual way.

    Jesus had money. But He lived in poverty by choice. Money was only used for helping the needy. There was zero promotion of a luxury lifestyle. Hence the reason why we are to live “in” this world, but not “of” it. The world is cursed. And those who indulge into it become fools. The world and all its knowledge is sickening and full of lies. It all revolves around lust for power and man’s insatiable desire to be a god. Politics, business, entertainment, space programs, science. It’s all about people lusting to appear important to everyone else. And they are all like dogs fighting to see who can come out on top.

    The Bible is 100% Truth in describing the ways of the world. No matter how much evil cons men into altering the fashion of society, human behavior will always be the same. Ungodly.

    That is, unless you give up your place in it. Live only by necessity. Hide yourself for awhile. Learn the ways of Jesus and grow into it. And once you become deeply rooted in it, then you can go out into the world without falling prey to it’s evil. Set an example for others to follow. There are many to enlighten.

  4. A. Charles

    It is true that satan would use all his means not not just music, to deceive even the very elect people of Jesus followers in the last days. satan’s manifestations are even more difficult to differentiate now than ever before. The good news that Jesus is more powerful to break us from any of satan’s deceit, if only we are vigilant and trust only kn Him (Jesus).

  5. Davy king,raggae artist uganda.

    well,i can confidently conclude that i dont believe in any of both jesus thing and satan thing ,i worship the creater of earth and heaven cos i can see the work of his or her hand.not told as a story that i dont understand the fabricator.

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