Christopher Clark: “We don’t need a revolution. We need a restoration.”

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske from:
This Week’s THE POWER HOUR Archives


We don’t need to have a revolution because
actually, the New World Order, itself,
is a revolution.

It’s a revolution against what we already had,
which was a very good form of government. …

The Constitution has given the most freedom to the most amount of people,
and that’s why it’s under such heavy attack. …

We don’t need a revolution.
We need a restoration.

We need to restore what we already have.”

“I don’t think the way is to say that we’re fighting this.
…they’re fighting us. We’re just trying to defend ourselves….

We just need to stand up for what we believe in and what we think is right.
We don’t need to spend so much energy fighting something

We’re the ones who are being attacked.
We don’t have to be on the offense.
We need to be on the defense.

And we need to point out who the revolutionaries are
and what their agenda is.”

– Christopher Clark, author of:
The Triumph of Consciousness:
Overcoming False Environmentalism,
Lapdog Media and Global Government
(referenced with 1200 endnotes)

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