IMPORTANT! Joel Skousen on Radio Liberty 8/12/10: Unnecessary war with Iran imminent; Russia and China preparing to preemptively nuke America; Senate drops House-approved plan to protect U.S. from an EMP attack; False conservatives taking over tea party

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

“My personal belief is that we are going to war very, very soon with Iran. Israel will lead off with a preemptive strike on Iran, pretending as if there is a nuclear threat problem there, and the U.S. will join in.

But ultimately, the long term problem is that Russia and China are preparing for nuclear war with America. And we’re treating them as allies. We’re continuing to transfer weapons and technology to them. We’re basically setting our own nation up for a third world war. And I think that’s what the globalists want in order to force the United States into giving away their sovereignty and seeking protection from the international community.”

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The U.S. Senate has dropped the House-approved plan that would prepare the United States to defend itself from an attack from electromagnetic pulse, whether it be from a natural solar flare or from a space located nuclear weapon.

This is not surprising. Despite U.S. government knowledge that Russia and China are preparing to strike the west with nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, FEMA says nothing to the American people about preparing for nuclear war. And the federal government, itself, is building at least six new, deep, underground bunkers, specifically to protect government officials from a preemptive nuclear strike — but no warnings to the public.

So obviously, Stan, the feds know this strike is coming. They’re not building bunkers 1/4 mile underground for some local terrorist strike.

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We are being set up in this country for false conservatives to take the lead of the tea party movement.”

– Joel Skousen

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