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2010 SEPTEMBER 4 – 10

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Mexico’s profitable drug trade could be reduced to a mere trickle if California legalizes marijuana. [Drug cartels depend on illegality to produce high profit margins. Legal substances, unless highly taxed, are of no use to drug lords. However, Mexican and California politicians already are talking about high marijuana tax revenues. This will push up the price and make it attractive to continue smuggling to avoid the tax, so the endless war on drugs likely will continue either way.] Washington Post 2010 Sep 10 (Cached)

US: 9/11 Commission (the politically appointed group that buried information about the possibility of an inside job on 9/11) issues a new report warning of “homegrown terrorists” and lists potential targets as passenger jets, hotel chains, Jewish or Israeli sites and American soldiers. [If 9/11 really was an inside job, homegrown terrorism likely will be the same.] Yahoo 2010 Sep 10 (Cached)

Canada’s Green Party plans to introduce federal legislation to remove toxic fluoride from public water supplies, thus overriding local mandates. [This is a mixed bag of good and bad. Good because fluoride should not be in public drinking water; bad because, if the federal government can forbid it, it also can require it. Local control is a friend of freedom.]
Natural News
2010 Sep 8 (Cached)

UN Top brass develop strategy to restore “climate change” as a top global priority and use it to achieve wealth redistribution. Other agenda items are: growing the UN military force, using migration to strengthen UN power, and using technology to bypass member states that otherwise might block the world-government agenda. [It used to be that UN personnel denied such things. Now, it is all out in the open.] Fox News 2010 Sep 8 (Cached)

Oxford University researchers report that an inexpensive vitamin-B supplement can prevent Alzheimer’s. [It can be safely predicted that the pharmaceutical industry will attempt to discredit this research. Vitamin-B cannot be patented.]
Daily Mail
2010 Sep 8 (Cached)

American Association of Pediatrics pushes mandatory flu vaccines for all health workers. [Layer by layer, pressure is brought to compel every segment of the population to receive vaccines. This is not based on science. It is the power of money.] Yahoo 2010 Sep 8 (Cached)

Cuba: Castro says the old-style of Soviet Communism is not viable and no longer works. [Before jumping to the conclusion that Castro has become an anti-Communist, be aware that this is the same line advanced by Russia. By distancing themselves from the “excesses” of Stalin and the old-liners, they appear moderate and closer to the capitalist model. Don’t forget they still are dedicated collectivists with an affinity to Leninism. They are not defenders of liberty. Note, also, that the coordinator of the interview was a member of the CFR.] MSNBC 2010 Sep 8 (Cached)

US: Permits to emit carbon dioxide in manufacturing previously were in great demand in anticipation of Cap-and-Trade legislation, but now they have dropped to an all-time low in auction because of growing opposition to the legislation. Bloomberg 2010 Sep 8 (Cached)

This video report from Ron Paul’s Campaign for Liberty warns that the Obama administration will try to ram the ‘Cap-and-Tax’ scheme through Congress this month. YouTube Posted 2010 Sep 8

Here is a list of 50 mind-blowing facts that would horrify America’s Founding Fathers. [If you are not horrified also, you probably are on tranquilizers.]
The Economic Collapse
2010 Sep 8 (Cached)

US: Ggovernment is poised to takeover citizens’ IRAs and 401k retirement plans. This article describes the probable tactics to be used. It will begin as a voluntary program and progress into a mandatory scheme to convert into annuities backed by government bonds. [These IOUs will be denominated in dollars that rapidly will lose purchasing power through inflation. Retirees will be wiped out.]
PPJ Gazette 2010 Sep 7 (Cached)

US: Senator Chris Dodd has introduced a bill that will spend $4 billion to entice local communities into following the United Nation’s Agenda 21. That is a blueprint that claims to protect the environment but really is designed for people control.
WND 2010 Sep 7 (Cached)

The public is being conditioned to embrace the concept of geo-engineering the planet by placing toxic substances into the atmosphere to reduce mythical global warming. [Although presented as a possible future technology “as a last resort,” it has been underway for over a decade. That is the message in the forthcoming documentary entitled What in the World Are They Spraying, available here.]
2010 Sep 7 (Cached)

US: Political fundraising sets new records a total of $1.2 billion for House and Senate candidates. Corporations are allowed to make unlimited donations. [It is sobering to realize that most of this money is spent to influence laws that will allow donors to get their money back plus much more through tax loopholes, subsidies, and legal restraints against competitors. No nation can long survive such corruption.] Yahoo 2010 Sep 7 (Cached)

US: 235 Congressmen have co-sponsored a bill to spend $1.6 billion on rehabilitation centers for gang members. The theory is that gang members want job training and tattoo removal if only the taxpayers will put up the money. [Sure! We are looking at just another bureaucratic money hole possibly even a method of recruiting gang members for politically useful activities.] DBKP 2010 Sep 7 (Cached)

US: Here are ten job categories that will not recover in the foreseeable future. Loss of over 8 million jobs in these industries must be offset by growth in others before there is a net increase in employment. [That will not happen so long as government continues to tax, inflate, and regulate the economy into oblivion.]
24/7 Wall St.
2010 Sep 7 (Cached)

US water supply is highly contaminated with atrazine, a chemical linked to cancer with gender altering effects. It is an herbicide widely sprayed on corn fields. It is banned in Europe.
Natural News 2010 Sep 7 (Cached)

Botswana: UN Treaty is used to force children to attend public schools instead of homeschooling, despite proof that the children are well cared for and better educated. [Eventually expect the same in all countries.]

Canada Free Press 2010 Sep 7 (Cached)

UK: Former Prime Minister Tony Blair cancels book signing engagements for his memoirs due to protests by anti-war activists who say he is a war criminal. The Gazette 2010 Sep 6 (Cached)

US: The new Financial Stability Oversight Council, made up of 10 “regulators” from the banking cartel, now has the power to break up large firms if, in the opinion of the Council, they could pose a threat to America’s financial stability. [Two problems: (1) The Constitution does not give the Federal Government such power, and (2) the regulators are the same politicians and bankers who have created the present financial crisis. This is window dressing at best; totalitarianism at worst.] Washington Post 2010 Sep 6 (Cached)

Argentina: Many citizens are using cash instead of checks and credit cards because they distrust the banking system and to avoid taxes. This has lead to widespread robberies. ABC News 2010 Sep 6 (Cached)

Obama asks Congress to approve $50 billion to improve roads, railways, and runways. The object, he says, is to stimulate the economy by creating jobs. [Let’s see. Take money from the economy in taxes and inflation, which will destroy jobs; then put it back into the economy, minus a handling charge for the administrators, which will create jobs. Sure, that will work!] Yahoo 2010 Sep 6 (Cached)

UN World Health Organization is calling for higher vaccine production for the next global flu outbreak. [Last year the UN predicted millions of deaths that never happened and promoted mandatory vaccinations that produced huge profits for the drug companies and rumors of kickbacks to UN officials. Looks like they are planning to repeat the same scam this year.]
2010 Sep 6 (Cached)

Johnson & Johnson, the “family company” is sued for conspiracy to push its drugs in nursing homes, paying kickbacks to operators and overcharging Medicaid. Natural News 2010 Sep 6 (Cached)

US: Gulf residents describe illnesses caused by the toxic dispersant Corexit and say that the government is not testing the water or, more likely, covering up the tests that have been done.
2010 Sep 5

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer admits that her report of beheadings in her state along the border were not accurate and says she was referring to crimes on the Mexican side. Critics claim she is fear mongering to gain support. Raw Story 2010 Sep 5 (Cached)

California school, to be named after Al Gore, will focus on environmental studies. Ironically, the school has a history of contamination in the soil and groundwater, but officials say it is safe.
LA Times 2010 Sep 5 (Cached)

Nearly half of all Americans use prescription drugs on a regular basis. A third use two or more, and more than one in ten use five or more drugs regularly. One in five children and nine out of ten seniors are hooked on prescription drugs. [Considering that most drugs do more harm than good, Big Pharma has done its marketing job well.]
Natural News
2010 Sep 4 (Cached)

British professor calls for forced sterilization of “unfit” adults; denies that doing so would violate their rights. [This was the eugenicist policy of the Nazis.] Intel Hub Posted 2010 Sep 4 (Cached)


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

A rancher who lives on the Arizona/Mexican border tells it like it is and challenges policymakers to actually visit the area. Very powerful. Our Border Posted 2010 Sep 9 (Cached)

Chinese laborers are worked to death, at a rate of 600,000 per year – Really! YouTube 2010 Sep 9

“Dangerous Economic Misconceptions.” This article dispels the myths propagated by the mainstream media about unemployment, the housing market, bailouts, the stock market, and our debt to China. Doom and Gloom? Yes. Reality? Also yes. NeitherCorp.us 2010 Sep 7 (Cached)

Tenth Amendment Center founder Michael Boldin discusses state nullification of federal laws. This short 3-part series is an excellent introduction to how the federal government circumvented the 10th Amendment through the Commerce Clause and what states are doing to fight back.
Lew Rockwell 2010 Sep 4 (Cached)

Obama is exposed as embracing the same policies advocated by NeoCons. There is no real difference between the Left and Right of the two-party system. NY Post Posted 2010 Sep 4 (Cached)

India: 200,000 farmers have committed suicide from despair over becoming dependent on Monsanto’s patented seeds and hopelessly in debt to pay for them. Dr. Mercola comments on genetically modified seeds and how they are ruining farming and food itself. Mercola 2010 Sep 3 (Cached)

Catherine Austin Fitts provides much to think about on a wide range of topics, including how drugs are used to finance large corporations, the role of banking to control populations, fraudulent mortgages, and much more. She offers a plan to reverse this reality through sound money, government accountability, a true free market, and personal responsibility. Chaostheorien 2010 Aug 29 (Cached)

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