Jeff Rense’s Gulf Oil Catastrophe Updates – 9/16/10


Oil Catastrophe – Quickest Updates!

Gulf Coast Residents Bleeding Internally

Brown Ooze From Ears, Pencil-Sized Leg Holes – Vid

Increased Worry Of Sea-Life Kills In Oily Waters – Vid

Oil May Be Emerging On West FL Shelf – Vid

DHS Works For Oil Companies

Gulf – Too Sick And Scared Of Obama’s Thugs – Vid

Kindra – ‘Red, Lumpy Oil Coming In Everywhere’ – Vid

Worst Happening? – Upwelling Of Oil From Deep – Vid

FL Man Has 6 Of 9 VOCs, Hexane Off Charts – Vid

BP Cleanup Worker, 48, Dies Of ‘Natural Causes’

BP’s Fake Oil Cleanup – Vid

BP Oil Is Underwater In Gulf – Vid

BP Hiring 300 Oil Cleanup Workers In Keys

Pensacola Beach Buckets Of Tar And Oil – Vid

Oil To 2″ Thick Up To 70 Mi Of BP Wellhead – Vid

Black Bubbles Still Seep From Wellhead – Vid

Prof – Notes On Dispersant Taken By DHS – Vid

Fish Kill So Thick, Looks Like Gravel Road – Vid

BP Yanks 13 Live Vid Feeds – Just 4 Left – Vid

The Woman With The Black Briefcase – Vid

Pcola Gregg Poisoned From Gulf Disaster Vid

Gulf Residents Show More And More Toxicity

To The 11 Rig Workers Who Died On April 20, 2010

Gulf Evacuees Flee For Health And Safety

Dahr Jamail – Diary Of BP Dispersant Damage


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