Carlos Santana To Marry Amazing Drummer Cindy Blackman

Cindy’s drum solo actually preceded Carlos’ remarks,
but was spliced in between here [youtube=]Carlos Santana – To marry Cindy Blackman

hitecwiz | July 19, 2010
Carlos Santana announces his engagement to Cindy Blackman at the Midwest Amphitheater

Here is Cindy in action[youtube=]INSANE WOMAN DRUMMER!!! *Cindy Blackman*

DrummaAddict | February 19, 2010

1 or of not the best women drummers ever! Look and get wowed!

Part of Cindy’s secret, now age-50, from wikipedia:

Physical Demands of Playing

Blackman keeps herself in shape for the physical demands of playing the drums by practicing yoga and karate.[8] “I’m really conscious of taking great care of myself,” Blackman says.[8] “I make sure my body is in peak condition as much as possible. When I’m at home, I eat completely organic, take a lot of sea minerals, try to eat natural foods. I eat nothing out of a can, I don’t drink soda and I usually juice my own juices. When I see my peers we talk about different things and I know it pays off.”[8]

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