Jenny McCarthy on manipulating men (the silent treatment) and ‘faking it’


Jenny McCarthy’s Love Lessons

The Oprah Winfrey Show | September 28, 2010

Jenny’s joining Oprah to talk about their breakup for the very first time—and revealing why she’s documenting her love lessons in a racy new book, Love, Lust and Faking It.

Jenny says she also had to confront some unflattering sides of herself after the breakup. “I went to a therapist once, and she said, ‘You know you’re a master manipulator?'” she says. “[I said]: ‘What are you talking about? I am the nicest girlfriend a guy could ever have.”’

Jenny started studying manipulation and says some women take two approaches to getting what they want—the silent treatment and guilt. “Then I became awake to it, and that’s when everything changed.”

Jenny says she also learned she to stop faking it—and she doesn’t mean in the bedroom. “Everyone talks about that two-year honeymoon period. … [The guy asks], ‘You like football season?’ You’re like, ‘I love football season!'” she says. “Then [you’re annoyed when you’re in the relationship] and you’re like, ‘Turn on Dancing with the Stars!”

Going forward, Jenny says she’s entering relationships as her authentic self. “All you have to do is just wake yourself up to when you’re doing it,” she says. “When he says, ‘Do you like football season?’ I go, ‘No, I don’t.'”

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