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2010 DECEMBER 25 – 31

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“Organic” food is no longer safe. The FDA and USDA have colluded in approving the neurotoxin ‘Neotame’ which may be even more toxic than aspartame. No labeling will be required, nor will it be listed in the ingredients. It will be used in USDA certified “organic” processed food and cattle feed. [The only hope of escape is to raise our own food or buy from local growers who do not use such chemicals – which is why Congress recently passed legislation that eventually will put small-scale organic growers out of business.] FarmWars 2010 Dec 31 (Cached)

US: As frustration and anger grows, airports are considering replacing TSA with private security firms. [One advantage of private firms is that they can fire bad employees, whereas that is almost impossible with government workers. However, private firms must adhere to TSA requirements and oversight the same backscatter x-ray machines and intrusive pat-downs – because TSA pays for them.]
Washington Post 2010 Dec 31 (Cached)

US: The federal government demands that power plants and oil refiners must reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and obtain permits before building new facilities. Texas refuses to comply and is suing the feds for overreach of authority. So far, federal courts have ruled on the side of the federal government. [GHG emissions, like CO2, are either harmless or miniscule, so the permits have nothing to do with reducing pollution. They are for revenue and control.] WSJ 2010 Dec 31 (Cached)

Short video explains that most GHG is merely water vapor and that human activity accounts for less than 1% all GHG. YouTube Posted 2010 Dec 25

China will slash exports of Rare Earth Elements by 35% in the first half of 2011. REEs are used for electronic products such as computers, X-rays devices, and I-Pods. China supplies 97% of REEs for the world. The US and Japan are scurrying to develop alternative sources.
The Independent
2010 Dec 30 (Cached)

US: The Center for Disease Control was audited in 2007 (the results are only now being revealed) and it was discovered that they had ‘misplaced’ $8 million in equipment. [It’s about time to also audit the FDA which, in spite of its long history of corruption, always has been excluded from audit.] Yahoo 2010 Dec 30 (Cached)

New California law requires whooping cough vaccinations for all middle and high school students both public and private. [Of course, this is all about protecting children’s health and has nothing to do with Big Pharma’s lobbying activities.]
Sacramento Bee 2010 Dec 29 (Cached)

US: Home foreclosures continue to climb, once again contradicting predictions of mainstream analysts. Foreclosures in process increased to 1.2 million in the 3rd quarter, a 4.5% increase from the second quarter, and a 10% increase from a year ago. Reuters 2010 Dec 29 (Cached)

The Space and Science Research Center, a leading independent research organization, has issued a warning about food & biofuel shortages due to an anticipated, dramatic temperature drop worldwide. These scientists have been right in the past about major climate shifts in opposition to NASA, NOAA and UN predictions that all have been wrong in promoting the global warming myth. SSRC posted 2010 Dec 29 (Cached)

Hawaii’s new Governor, a friend of Obama’s family, says he wants to dispel ‘conspiracy theories’ about Obama’s birthplace. He is quoted as saying, “I was here when that baby was born.” [This is laughable. If he wants to dispel conspiracy theories, all he has to do is release Obama’s birth certificate. Hawaii law restricts issuance only to those who have a “tangible interest.” Every American has a highly tangible interest in knowing if their President is eligible for the job. Notice that the Governor said he was in Hawaii when Obama was born, but he did not say Obama was in Hawaii when he was born. Clever.] Yahoo 2010 Dec 29 (Cached)

BP Oil’s Gulf-spill liabilities appear to be much lower than anticipated 4 months ago. This is due to the official declaration from Washington that damage is not as bad as feared (which tends to minimize law suits), and may be why there is evidence the company has continued to spray Corexit long after claiming it was stopped on July 15. [Corexit, although toxic to marine life and humans, causes oil to sink below the surface and create the false impression that it is gone.] Yahoo 2010 Dec 29 (Cached)

US: The misnamed Food Safety bill that recently was passed by Congress calls for “harmonization” with the UN’s rules for control of food and drugs. It even grants the FDA authority to participate in policing food regulations in other countries. [The move toward global government is progressing rapidly toward completion, and it is being led by collectivists within the American government.] NaturalNews 2010 Dec 29 (Cached)

A disinformation campaign is underway in the Ivory Coast to justify foreign intervention to maintain control of oil reserves. President Gbagbo fell into disfavor with western nations when he opened oil investment to China and Russia. Now he faces a military ouster if he does not resign and accept exile. [This article is heavy with “anti-imperialism” rhetoric common found in leftist propaganda, which reveals the bias of the writer. However, as far as we can tell, the facts in this story are correct. If you have another perspective, let us know, and we will publish it.]
Kader Badreddine
2010 Dec 28 (Cached)

CNBC Reporter says he was warned by the head of GE, which owned CNBC, to avoid stories that might “move the market” (news that could cause the public to buy or sell stocks) because, otherwise, he could have his “brains blown out.” EconomicPolicyJournal 2010 Dec 27 (Cached)

Former Arizona State Senator, Karen Johnson, made news when she went to the state capitol building and delivered copies of What in the World Are They Spraying, the chemtrail documentary film, to state representatives. She was interviewed in the film and is active in holding lawmakers accountable. [Go forth and do likewise!] WMIcentral 2010 Dec 27 (Cached)

China: Government is proposing the approval of genetically modified rice & corn, paving the way for an explosion of GMO products within 2-3 years. Local governments will be ordered to produce higher crop yields, and this likely will force them to accept GMO crops based on the promise of higher yields. [Never mind if the yields don’t materialize or if there are serious health hazards, the focus will be on yield projections and payoffs to government officials. Americans will consume the food because it will be cheap.] Reuters 2010 Dec 27 (Cached)

New Orleans law firm challenges the government’s assertions that Gulf seafood is safe to eat. This is in response to the announcement that the government intends to buy Gulf seafood to feed to military personnel and serve at schools. MSNBC 2010 Dec 27 (Cached)

Portugal has won the ‘War on Drugs’ by decriminalizing them and providing treatment instead of jail time. The US, which has been “fighting” drugs for 40 years and spent over $1 trillion treating addicts as criminals, does not look with favor on the Portugal strategy.
Scientific American
2010 Dec 27 (Cached)

Obama enacts end-of-life plan that drew “death-panel” claims. The government will pay doctors to advise the elderly and those with serious illnesses to make advance decisions regarding when to withdraw medical life support. [There is nothing wrong with this at first glance, but doctors will be required to follow government guidelines which, inevitably, will be determined by political expediency with little regard for personal preference.] New York Times 2010 Dec 26 (Cached)

Citigroup Chairman says Citibank is not “too big to fail” but too “interwoven into the fabric” of global finance to let it fail (another way of saying the same thing). This analyst recommends breaking Citibank and Goldman Sachs into smaller parts so they no longer can make that claim. [We think they should be allowed to fail. Otherwise, the system will never be rid of the toxic business practices that have caused the present financial crisis.] Global Economics 2010 Dec 26 (Cached)

US: Photos and independent lab tests indicate that ‘Corexit’ dispersant has been recently sprayed in the Gulf, despite claims from the government that spraying stopped on July 15. MSNBC 2010 Dec 26 (Cached)

Scientists at Cornell University in New York are working on machines that can create food from raw materials squeezed out of syringes, like ink is ejected from cartridges in ink-jet printers. The goal is to manufacture on the spot a synthesis of just about any food that naturally exists – and many that don’t. [One can only shudder at the prospects of future dining on synthetic food without natural enzymes, vitamins, or other essential micro-nutrients.] DailyMail 2010 Dec 26 (Cached)

US: Fiscal conservatives want to change federal law so states can declare bankruptcy, just like corporations, cities, and private citizens. They say this is the only way to reduce excessive welfare and medical benefits, reduce unrealistic retirement plans, and cancel plush contracts with crony suppliers. Naturally, unions and lobbyists oppose the concept. [We think it is a reasonable proposal. Without this, the federal government inevitably will bail out the states, take them over, and perpetuate the losses, which will be passed to all Americans through inflation.]
2010 Dec 26 (Cached)

Iris scanning & face recognition is now coming to your cell phone to prevent unauthorized individuals from using the device or entering sensitive data areas. [There is much to like about this; but, like so many other advances in technology, it has the potential for abuse in the hands of oppressive governments seeking to track their citizens.]
Android Headlines
Posted 2010 Dec 25 (Cached)


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

Utah State Senator Steve Urquart correctly assesses Obama’s new ‘Wilderness Reinventory’ as a cruel joke and a massive federal land grab for millions of acres of land, particularly in the West. Economic development will be prohibited, and many people will lose their resource-related jobs. Urquart says this is a ploy by Obama to garner leftist support. [The larger ploy is to depopulate 1/2 of America’s land mass, known as the ‘Wildlands Project’ and part of the UN’s Agenda 21.] Desert News 2010 Dec 31 (Cached)

This short video explains the intent of the UN Agenda 21 Wildlands Project and the re-wilding of rural land. YouTube Posted 2010 Dec 31

Rosalind Peterson: The Chemtrail Cover-up. Here is an excellent overview by a veteran researcher of what we are told are merely “persistent contrails”. Of special interest is why there is a rise of heavy metal contaminants in California water supplies and why persistent contrails are seen in areas where there are no commercial flights.
YouTube/Prison Planet
Posted 2010 Dec 28.

US: Bad news for Baby Boomers. 10,000 every day are reaching age 65. Most have lived high, and few have savings for retirement. Inflation is eating away Social Security benefits; traditional pension plans are disappearing; 401(k) stock retirement plans have performed poorly; and housing equity has plummeted. [They voted for collectivism at every election. Now they have to pay for it.]
Washington Post 2010 Dec 27 (Cached)

Here is an explanation of the difference between a government-controlled gold standard and a free-market gold standard. [Bottom line: Not all gold standards are equal. If the free market controls the price of gold, it will be fair. If governments do so, they will cheat.] Gary North 2010 Dec 27 (Cached)

An amazing 23-minute video exposé on Big Pharma. In 2009, $5 billion was paid in fines by drug companies for fraud. That’s a lot, but Americans spend over $300 billion a year on pharmaceutical drugs, so the fines are less than 2% of gross income. Drug executives consider that to be a good business model. Astonishingly, a tax advocate reports (at the 11:15 marker) that company kickbacks to doctors in the cancer industry accounted for 60 to 70% of doctors’ income. YouTube Posted 2010 Dec 25

An excellent report on how the perceived threat of Islamic Terrorism in America actually has been created by the government for the purpose of frightening the population into passively accepting the loss of their liberties in exchange for ‘national security’. Includes an analysis of the latest so-called terrorist plots that now are known to have been instigated by the FBI. SOTT Posted 2010 Dec 25

Judge Napolitano delivers a fiery commentary on the Federal Reserve. You won’t want to miss this one. YouTube Posted 2010 Dec 25

US Department of Agriculture admits that GMO plants contaminate natural plants. Meanwhile, the USDA is redefining its rules to circumvent the courts and allow GMO alfalfa planting. This is a precedent- setting case that will affect your food and your health. YouTube 2010 Dec 24

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