Dr. Mercola’s 10 Best Health Articles of 2010

From: Dr. Mercola

10 Best Health Articles of 2010

Best Mercola Articles of 2010Today, on the first day of 2011, all of us at Mercola.com wish you a Healthy, Happy New Year. 2010 was a year full of surprises and drama. I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have gotten involved in all these health related causes and successfully helped steer public consciousness into a healthier direction.

Please share these important articles with your closest friends and family so they can have a Healthy 2011
  1. Sugar May Be Bad, But This Sweetener is Far More Deadly
    Research shows this sweetener can cause much more damage than table sugar to human metabolism, trigger early signs of diabetes and heart disease, and cause dangerous growth of fat cells around vital organs.
  2. The Major Exercise Mistake I Made for Over 30 Years…
    This is the exercise mistake most everyone makes – including me, for 30 years. Then I discovered the secret to getting a better workout while saving 2 or 3 hours every week. So how much of a workout can you get in just 20 quick minutes?
  3. The Chicken Which Should be Banned
    This chicken contains an anti-foaming agent made of silicone and a chemical preservative so deadly that just five grams can kill you. In fact, Time Magazine even reported this prominent Judge questioning whether customers understand the risks of eating it…
  4. This Cooking Oil is a Powerful Virus-Destroyer and Antibiotic…
    Although blasphemed for 60 years by the medical press, this amazing oil is now gaining fame for its health-promoting benefits – heart health, antibiotic, anti-viral, anti-diabetic, plus it is slimming… It’s even so nutritious it’s included in baby formulas. What’s not to like…?
  5. Why did the Russians Ban an Appliance Found in 90% of American Homes?
    Why didn’t the industry issue a gag order when scientists suggested this appliance could wreck your health? It’s said to cause ‘electrical whiplash’ and much more… So should you really use it for yourself and your family?
  6. Want a Good Night’s Sleep? Then Never Do These Things Before Bed
    These common mistakes disrupt your brain waves and cause you to toss and turn, preventing you from falling asleep quickly. What’s more, you may wake up and be unable to fall back asleep. If you have difficulty sleeping, this is critical information you must have…
  7. New Warning About Olive Oil
    It may be well known for its health benefits, but you’re probably making this mistake with your olive oil which accelerates the oxidation of the unsaturated fats – causing it to do more harm than good. Here’s how to protect the oil and a little trick which tells you when it should be tossed…
  8. This “Miracle Health Food” Has Been Linked to Brain Damage and Breast Cancer
    The odds are good this “miracle health food of the 21st Century” is in your diet. Stop falling for the misleading propaganda and read this now because hard evidence has linked it to digestive problems, cognitive decline, heart disease and more…
  9. This Supermarket “Health Food” Killed These Baby Rats in Three Weeks
    Despite the fact more than half the baby rats in this experiment died within 3 weeks, you may be eating this health food on a daily basis. Yet the scientist was attacked and the study has not been repeated – even though it would only cost a few thousand dollars. More scary “cover ups” revealed inside…
  10. Flood Your Body With This “Youth Hormone” in Just 20 Minutes
    And it will stay in your body for two hours, going after those excess pounds like a heat seeking missile. This breakthrough program is so powerful that if you were to do it today and monitor your blood, it would look like you injected it into your body …

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