Dr. Stanley Montieth: Media Bias has been Going On for Many Decades! — The Great Hunger in China Example

“The Great Hunger,
where they [Communist Chinese gov’t]
actually killed between 41 and 44 million
Chinese were starved to death from ’58 – ’62,
and not a word in the American press.

Not a word!”

– Dr. Stanley Monteith

And Bob Chapman mentioned Ron Paul expects gold to go to $6,000.

* * *

Transcribed from Dr. Stan’s Radio Liberty audio archives,
hour 2, below:

Date: 01-17-11
Hour: 1
3:00: Debra Rae – ABCs of Globalism & Culturalism
Hour: 2
4:00: Bob Chapman – All Countries Now In Economic Trouble
Hour: 3
8:00: Bob Chapman – Our Economy & World Events
Hour: 4
9:00: Dr. Lisa Dunne – Emerge: Cracking the Cocoon of Media Socialization
Date: 01-14-11
Hour: 1

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