Japan more moral than US: No looting in Japan — Compare to Katrina

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No looting going on in Japan

Watching the news in Japan was just awful with the triple dose of disasters– a record-shattering earthquake, a tsunami, and a nuclear plant meltdown.

But there was one tiny shred of amazing news that the rest of the world could stand to learn from — despite the totality of devastation and the scarcity of supplies, etc., there have been no reports of looting.  Where supplies have become available from relief organizations, there have been orderly, polite, calm lines with no reports of fights, pushing, or cutting in.  Supermarkets have lowered prices drastically and vending machine owners have opened the doors of their machines and handed out drinks at no charge to those relief workers, emergency personnel and volunteers there to help in the wake of the multiple disasters. …

Compare that to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, or the earthquake in Chile or nearly any post-disaster behavior around the world.  The incidents of crime went through the roof, looting was rampant, whatever shreds of society that had been barely hanging together completely collapsed at the first sign of trouble.  It isn’t a racial thing….it is a cultural thing….

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3 thoughts on “Japan more moral than US: No looting in Japan — Compare to Katrina

  1. So, no reports of looting debri, makes Japan, more moral? Um: why do the Japs have a much higher suicide rate than the USA? Also: why is their government EVERYDAY engaged in denying the atrocities they committed against China? Shut up.

    1. Jeff Fenske


      We just kill each other:

      Murders per 100,000.
      1. Russia Federation 18.07
      2. United States 6.32
      3. Malaysia 2.73
      Taiwan 1.17
      Spain 1.08
      Japan 0.58

      And I’m talking about the everyday, average person, not the government.


  2. Kyle

    The reports of looting during Katrina was incredibly over reported. The result of ratings driven and politically motivated media that is marginally credible at best. The country of Japan handled the situaion by sending relief workers and aid. America handled Katrina by mobiling tens of thousands of narional guard and army soldiers, many of which just home from Iraq/Afganistan, and weapons. The real comparison to be made is how a country like Japan, which has been hit harder with the recession and declining population growth, could respond so much more effectively and sensibly then America in the face of a catastrophe; the Japanese catastrope being even more devastating then Katrina. The looting is not a matter of morality, but rather government response and news coverage. Imagine if America spent it’s mobilizing the Amry and “securing” katrina spending on supplies and aid, maybe their would of been no reason for looting. In hindsight, the way the US responded to Katrina could only have made it look like an out of control warzone, which of course is great for ratings.

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