Jeff Rense’s Headlines: Japan Nuclear Power Plant Disaster & Quake Aftermath


Japan Nuclear Power Plant Disaster & Quake Aftermath


Yoichi Shimatsu
Complete Overview And Update
Files – 1 & 2

Files – ..1.. 23

Geologist Jim Berkland
Bob Nichols
Leuren Moret

Japan Officials – Radioactive Iodine In Tokyo Water

Japan Finds Radioactive Food 90 MIles From Fukushima

Power Connected To Stricken Fukushima 2 – Hope Cooling Works

Japan Hails Heroic Fukushima Workers

Radiation Found In Food Near Fukushima Plant

Japan Considers Chernobyl-Style Entombment For Fukushima

Hong Kong Out Of Hotel Room For Quake Evacuees

Multiples Worse Than Chernobyl

Feds REFUSE To Say How Much Radiation Coming From Fukushima

Confusion, Axiety Abound Near Wrecked Nuclear Plant

Radioactive Plume Heading Toward CA Is ‘No Threat’ (oh?)

Reactor Fuel Amounts At Fukushima Nuclear Plant 1

Options Are Very Few To Stop Nuclear Catastrophe

Dozens Of Nuclear Plants Sitting In Quake Hazard Zones

Japan’s (world’s) Nuclear Crisis Deepens – Vid

TEPCO Chief Weeps After Announcing Radiation May Kill Many

Listen To The SOUND Of Japan’s Monster Quake – Vid

Japan Asked To Be More Honest About Fukushima Disaster

Sacramento Monitors Detect Small Amount Of Radiation

Severe Radiation Drives Workers Away From Fukushima Plant – Vid

Fukushima Workers Accept Death – Tell Families

Situation Said ‘Grave’ By Japan PM – Plant Workers Risk Lives

Water Drops Have Little Effect On Reactors

Yoichi Shimatsu – The Next Nagasaki – Nuclear Fears Stalk The World

Japan Weighs Need To Entomb Plant

‘They’re Leaving Us To Die’ – Mayor Of Town Near Plant

Lights Down As Tokyo Becomes A Ghost Town

Japan Raises Nuclear Disaster Level – Vid

Full Core Meltdown in Japan?

Japan Upgrades Severity Of Growing Nuclear Disaster

Frantic Efforts Increase At Fukushima Nuclear Plant

Japan Disaster ‘On Par With Three Mile Island’ (fluff piece) – Vid

More Fire, Smoke From Wrecked Fukushima 2 – Vid

Japan’s 9.0 Equal To 31,250 Combined Hiroshima-Nagasaki A-Bombs

May Be No Way To Deal With Breach In #4 Spent Fuel Pool

Eyewitness Account Of Escaping Fukushima Plant – Vid

Photos Show NO Water In Rod Storage – Meltdown Underway

Japan Govt Hiding Catastrophe With Japan TV PsyOps – Vid

US Nuclear Plants Store More Spent Fuel Than Japan’s

Yoichi Shimatsu – Japan Nuclear Disaster…’Full Metal Alchemy’


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