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2011 MARCH 19 – 25

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Japan’s Prime Minister has announced there is a breach or uncontrolled release of radiation. It is believed that this is in Fukushima reactor #3, the one that contains plutonium. There are 3 raging meltdowns in progress, one spent fuel pond open to the air, and hydrogen gas explosions. Yahoo Mar 25

NATO is waffling on participating (military and financial) for the UN-approved attacks on Libya.  That means the US likely will not make a quick exit as promised. Yahoo 2011 Mar 25 (Cached)

Syrian government security forces have reportedly killed 24 protesters and wounded many others.
2011 Mar 25 (Cached)

Tokyo tap water tests two times above safe radioactive limits for infants. Vegetables and milk also are contaminated. Globe and Mail 2011 Mar 23 (Cached)

US: George Soros is sponsoring a major international conference to reform the world’s currency systems, which means to create a one-world fiat money controlled by a world central bank. He claims that capitalism is the enemy of an open society. He hopes this will become as important for the future of money as the 1944 Bretton Woods conference that led to the creation of the IMF and World Bank. BMI 2011 Mar 23 (Cached)

War in Libya already has cost U.S. taxpayers “hundreds of millions” of dollars.
AOL News
2011 Mar 23 (Cached)

Germany set to abandon nuclear energy in favor of “renewable” energy. [Renewable energy is what financially devastated Spain. Germany derives 23% of its electricity from nuclear power plants. Energy prices will soar, and Germany’s economy will collapse as a result of this decision.] Yahoo 2011 Mar 23 (Cached)

Richard Fine has exposed Los Angeles judges’ who have accepted bribes to throw cases in favor of LA County and now is disqualifying them one-by-one. He estimates that 90% of California judges have taken illegal money. This video and accompanying article show how you can disqualify corrupt judges and, if you have paid unfair fines or damages, get your money back. FDN 2011 Mar 22

Fox News fabricated a story of Gaddafi using reporters as human shields. The purpose of the hoax was to sell the Lybian war to the American people. Prison Planet 2011 Mar 22 (Cached)

US: Caught on tape: Former official of the Service Employees Union reveals secret plan to destroy JP Morgan, crash the stock market, and redistribute wealth in America. Business Insider 2011 Mar 22 (Cached)

US: Judge Napolitano and Ron Paul discuss the war on Libya and Obama’s allegiance to internationalism. YouTube 2011 Mar 22

Dallas Federal Reserve president says the country is at the tipping point of insolvency.
2011 Mar 22 (Cached)

Gulf oil spill may have a new leak as an unidentified substance has been spotted discoloring the water. The government says the slick is 5 miles wide, but a witness says it extends 100 miles.
2011 Mar 21 (Cached)


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Japan: Whistleblower nuclear engineer who helped design nuclear containment vessels has criticized the Japanese government, the nuclear industry, and regulators over their safety record. He alleges that profits were more important than safety.
ABC News
2011 Mar 21 (Cached)

US: What’s the Constitution? Don’t bother asking 70% of Americans- they don’t know basic facts about their country. [Those facts were dropped from public school curricula decades ago by internationalist-mined social engineers who dreamed of the day when America would be merely a small part of the New World Order.]
DailyMail 2011 Mar 21 (Cached)

US: Liberty dollar creator, Bernard von Nothaus, has been convicted of counterfeiting because he minted silver coins that resembled U.S. coins. He may face up to 25 years in prison.
Yahoo 2011 Mar 20 (Cached)

Brazil: Police fire rubber bullets and tear gas on protesters against Obama’s visit. His next stop is Chile, and he’s not popular there, either.
2011 Mar 20 (Cached)

Tennessee nullifies Obamacare’s mandatory-insurance provision, and it is signed into law. [The state did not nullify Obamacare in its entirety, but this is a start. Let’s hope they don’t stop there. The entire thing is unconstitutional and fiscally irresponsible.]
2011 Mar 19 (Cached)

Before you post any photos from your SmartPhone on the internet, you will want to watch this clip showing how they contain GPS data that enables stalkers to pinpoint exactly where you and your children live and play. It also shows how to prevent this. YouTube Posted 2010 Nov 19

US: Center for Disease Control plans a 5-year study of the link between autism and mercury in vaccines. They also will focus on environmental factors. [For many years, the CDC has been a protective arm of the pharmaceutical industry. It is inconceivable that it would link toxic additives in vaccines to autism. The reason for a 5-year study is to allow the industry to continue making a killing literally. Finally, the CDC will report that no link has been found. Any bets to the contrary?]
Huffington Post
Posted 2011 Mar 19 (Cached)

EU leaders are supporters of GMO crops and are plotting to overcome opposition from member states. Their latest ploy is diabolical. They propose to allow member states to reject GMO crops (that’s good) but they will not be allowed to reject them on the basis of health or environment issues. Those issues, of course, are the primary reasons to reject them. Reuters Posted 2011 Mar 19 (Cached)

Ron Paul comments on Obama’s new illegal war against Libya and the “authority” granted by the UN for the war that the US taxpayers will bankroll. He says that these wars and other illegal acts will end only when we follow the Constitution.
Posted 2011 Mar 19

US Drone kills 36 more people in Pakistan, as that country decries the act. Drone strikes there have increased from 33 in 2008 to 118 in 2010. Obama, the peace candidate, has escalated military activity in both Pakistan and Afghanistan.
Posted 2011 Mar 19 (Cached)

This video clip explains how terrorists from Saudi Arabia were given U.S. visas by the U.S. State Department without normal interviews and background checks. This was a special “fast-track” program created just for Saudi Arabia. 15 of the 19 hijackers on 9/11 came into the U.S. through this program. [Bin Ladin didn’t do this. The State Department did.] YouTube Posted 2011 Mar 19

Monsanto and two of India’s government agricultural agencies are caught planting GMO corn illegally. Times of India Posted 2011 Mar 19 (Cached)


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

Middle East protests have been linked to Western influence and funding and is believed to be controlled opposition. If this is true, the international power elites will replace these toppled governments with new rulers who will do their bidding. Activist Post 2011 Mar 25 (Cached)

UN nuclear bank is proposed and partially funded by Warren Buffett. In the name of protecting the world from nuclear war, it will put control over nuclear energy and weapons into the hands of the global elites. MorphCity 2011 Mar 24 (Cached)

Doctor explains how to protect against radiation. Very complete overview. FortifyHealth 2011 Mar 20 (Cached)

Precious metals and sound money are making a comeback. Thirteen states currently have sound-money legislation pending. Self reliance by individuals, communities, and states is on the rise. NeitherCorp 2011 Mar 15 (Cached)

Union Myths: This is an excellent analysis of how unions, with support of the Obama Administration, are trying to take away the right of workers to decide if they want a union to represent them. Not surprisingly, the bill is called “Employee Free Choice Act,” which does just the opposite of what it says. JWR Posted 2011 Mar 12 (Cached)


When the enemies of freedom cannot hide or deny the truth, they proclaim it boldly but mix it with outrageous or offensive claims so people will recoil from the whole, like mixing garbage with groceries to stink up the bag causing us to throw out the good with the bad. Another collectivist strategy is to send agents into the ranks of freedom activists to become their leaders. One reason the freedom movement has been consistently defeated is that false leaders put up a good fight but, at the last minute, accept defeat or switch sides. News items in this section illustrate these strategies.

The Zeitgeist movement and the Venus Project: A new face for collectivism. This analysis by G. Edward Griffin shows the origin of the Zeitgeist movement and the parallels between its goals and the basic tenets of collectivism, particularly the 10-point program of the Communist Party. Freedom Force 2011 Mar 21

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