[video] Glenn Beck exposes the ‘Federal’ Reserve on Fox?

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Glenn Beck will plug The Creature on his show Friday March 25th

which includes this:

Reality Check

G. Edward Griffin spoke 5.9 minutes during the 39.4 minute show, which calculates to being just 15% of the 39.4 minute show (commercials and news removed).

The program is now online. So I thought it would be interesting to see exactly how much time G. Edward spoke on the show, so I calculated how much time G. Edward Griffin spoke on the entire 1 hour show (with commercials and news).

G. Edward Griffin spoke 5.9 minutes only during the 39.4 minute show, which amounts to 15%.

On the video, we can see precisely how Beck looked like he was asking Griffin the tough question, but then he went on to speak himself.

At one point, he looked at Edward during the entire time while asking who owns the Fed, and then he looked at the Cato guest for the response. It would have been interesting to hear G. Edward’s response to that one.

On the other hand, G. Edward did get a lot of face time. We could often see him thinking about how he would answer had Beck let him respond during the many times when Edward thought he would be able to.

Very deceptive; though, some major truths were revealed.

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yaPWXOxyyQM]Glenn Beck-03/25/11-A




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