[Fukushima Truth] Jeff Rense Japan Nuclear Disaster Headlines

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Japan Nuclear Disaster

Yoichi Shimatsu
Japan Update 6.6.11
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Real Time World Earthquake Monitor 

Fukushima Live Cam 24/7

TEPCO Live Fukushima Cam – With 30 Sec Delay!

Radiation 90x High Than Chernobyl Evac Level At School

Secondary Radiation Spread In Tokyo Near Sludge Plant

Japan Cities, Towns May Force Closure Of All 55 Nuke Plants

TEPCO Shares Plunge Another 20% – No End In Sight

Will Fukushima Cause International Higher Death Rates?

Fukushima Now A Melt-Through – Into Last Containment

Strontium Found 62 km From Fukushima In April & May

Fukushima II 3000 Tons Of Water Has Cobalt 60, Cesium

Gunderson – Americans Breathing, Eating Deadly Particles – CNN Vid

TEPCO Loses Power At Fukushima Reactors 1 And 2

Highest Radiation Levels Yet Found In Tokyo Sewage

Japan Admits Fukushima Situation Worse Than A Meltdown

Radioactive Signs Tokyo May Be In Grave Trouble

Daini Plant To Dump 3,000 Tons Deadly Water Into Sea

Heartbreaking Evacuations As Fukushima Radiation Spreads

5.77 Microsieverts/hr On Street Pavement Near Tokyo – Vid

Japan Admits Possible Melt Through At 1, 2 And 3

Tellurium 132 Found At 4 Locations From Plant March 12

Vastly Underestimated Radiation Emissions Raise Questions

Fukishima – Japanese Feels Betrayed By West

Gunderson On NRC And WH ‘Safety Standards’ – Vid

Japan Finally Admits 3 Full Meltdowns At Fukushima

Japan May Expand Fukushima Evacuation Zone

Fukushima ‘Twice As Bad As Thought’ (no…far WORSE)

950 Millisieverts An Hr In Rubble Outside Reactor 3

Plutonium Found Outside Plant On April 22

AREVA’s Water Decontamination Process Revealed – Photos

Gunderson – Seattle Residents Breathed Ten ‘Hot’ Particles A Day

Cams Show New 5.6 Quake, Radiation Pours From 3 And 4 – Vid 

Four Sieverts An Hour Gushing Out Of Building 1 – Vid

Highest Radiation Ever Recorded At Fukushima

370 Water Tanks To Fukushima For Radioactive Water

TEPCO Plan To Hold Off Deadly Water Leak…For 3 Days – Vid

Tokyo Was Covered By A Radioactive Plume On March 15

Pressure In #1 Drops To Near Normal Outside Air

4,000 Millisieverts An Hour Inside #1 Reactor Building

Staggering Reading – #1 Drywell Now Showing 250 SIEVERTS An Hour


Japan Radiation Coming To The USFREE LISTEN MP3
Janet Starr Hull ..File Click Here
US Chart Showing Precipitation
Radiation Types & Amounts
Live National Radiation Network Map

West LA – Santa Monica Live Readings

Radiation And Jet Stream Forecast Monitoring Sites

Will Fukushima Cause International Higher Death Rates?

How Low Doses Of Radiation Can Cause Heart Disease, Stroke

Cesium 137 In DE Drinking Water Over Max Levels

Parts Of Melted Cores Have Broken Into Drywell

Understanding Millisieverts & Radiation Effects On Humans

An Assortment Of Typical Annual Millisievert Doses

EPA’s Failed Radiation Detection System

Things  You Can Do To Mitigate Radiation Poisoning

UC Berkeley – NoCal Kale, Strawberries Top Soil Cesium Rises

Pacific Ocean A Radioactive Garbage Dump


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