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FDA unfairly maligns tobacco plant with graphic new cigarette warning labels

By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
June 23 – The FDA has released nine new graphic warning labels that will be required on U.S. cigarettes, offering grotesque visual images designed to dissuade smokers from purchasing cigarettes. At first glance, this…

The true history of Dole, banana plantations, chemical pesticides and human suffering

By Kaitlyn Moore
June 23 – One Hundred Years of Solitude, a novel by Gabrielle Garcia Marquez, is a historical account of the fictional town Macondo. A town loosely set around his Mr. Marquez’s hometown in Aracataca, Columbia. A tale…

Sitting may be just as dangerous for your health as smoking

By J. D. Heyes
June 23 – Is our lack of motion killing us? Absolutely. In fact, one of our most unhealthy “activities” is our lack of activity, the sedentary lifestyle of our first-world nation status, where more and more, we sit -…

The truth about tanning beds: They boost vitamin D production

By Daniel Erickson
June 23 – The FDA has the media and subsequently many Americans in a (perhaps unjustified) uproar about teens using tanning beds, and they are now pushing to ban tanning for people under 18. It is time to set some of…

Four decades of drug war tyranny may come to an end with Ron Paul’s new effort to legalize marijuana

By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
June 23 – Four decades of the so-called “War on Drugs” has led only to the suffering of millions of innocents, the crowding of our prisons with non-violent citizens, the utter waste of billions of dollars on law enforcement…

Your dishwasher could be harboring dangerous ‘super’ fungi, says report

By Jonathan Benson, staff writer
June 23 – In many ways, modern home appliances have made life simpler by reducing the amount of time it takes to clean, cook, and perform other routine household activities. But some of these technological advances may…

AMA: Health insurance companies botch up to 20 percent of claims

By Jonathan Benson, staff writer
June 23 – Many NaturalNews readers have likely experienced, if even just once, the hassle of having their health insurance company improperly file a insurance claim, which can result in filing disputes, delayed payments…

Michigan considers banning TSA groping and molestation

By Jonathan Benson, staff writer
June 23 – Following in the footsteps of liberty-minded lawmakers in Texas, some Michigan lawmakers are now considering making it a misdemeanor offense for US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents to “conduct…

Minimizing Vaccine Side Effects

By Celeste Yarnall
June 23 – “My veterinarian made me do it! I love my veterinarian so much, that I do exactly what he/she tells me to do. I hear all the alternative practitioners warning about the potential side effects and how vaccination…

Doctors warn about dangers of energy drinks

By Nicole Parsons
June 23 – They are easy to come by, lining the shelves of gas stations, convenient stores, supermarkets and even drug stores. However, in a new report, experts are now urging children and teenagers to avoid consumption…

New York cop illegally trespasses private property, arrests woman for filming suspicious traffic stop

By Ethan A. Huff, staff writer
June 23 – A young woman from Rochester, NY, is facing criminal charges for allegedly “obstructing governmental administration,” after she filmed a suspicious traffic stop taking place in front of her home. Officer Mario…

Tree hugging improves your health

By Matthew Silverstone
June 23 – Tree hugging, that much maligned hippy generation idea, has now been shown to have scientific validity after all. Contrary to popular belief, touching a tree does make you healthier. In fact you don’t even have…

Mike Adams, Jonathan Landsman to discuss breakthrough healing innovations in June 29th special broadcast

By Mike Adams, NaturalNews Editor
June 22 – In a special broadcast on June 29th to NaturalNews Inner Circle subscribers, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) will discuss some of the most amazing cutting-edge healing solutions and breaking discoveries on health…

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