[video] POWERFUL! Alex Jones’ Talkers Keynote Speech — Passionately speaking to big-and-little-name talk-show hosts, trying to convince them to join the fight for truth and freeeeeeeeeeeee——dom!!! Great intro by Lionel!!


[Excellent and Funny!] The talk-show host who introduced Alex at Talkers discusses talk radio, naked body scanners and Alex Jones!

10 Most Influential People in the Alternative Media (2011)

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5nyxkv9c18]NWO Media Gasping For Air: Alex Jones’ Talkers Keynote Speech 1/2

Uploaded by on Jun 29, 2011

Introducing the speech, fellow talk radio host Lionel explains how Alex has seized every broadcast medium possible and used it as a platform for the Infowar, including the legendary Google bomb, which prompted Google to change their whole algorithm process in a bid to stop Alex from making certain topics go viral through the power of his listeners. Lionel humorously emphasizes how people like Alex are pivotal in keeping alive the format of spoken word in an environment where millions of You Tube users with minuscule attention spans have little other interest than watching clips of a “a duck playing a piano”.

Alex Jones then commences his speech by discussing the how the landscape of communications is being transformed right now as the powers that be attempt to seize control of the Internet and strangle all alternative voices as a quickening towards technological singularity advances. However, with the establishment now so discredited and untrustworthy, Alex explains how their attacks are actually having blowback and making people turn to the alternative media to an even greater extent.

Alex addresses the assault on the First Amendment, down to the level of other major talk show hosts who publicly announced their refusal to attend the Talkers conference simply because Alex would be speaking, and passionately argues how free speech – a rare commodity in much of the world – is treated like toilet paper by a lot of Americans who believe themselves to be part of the crony establishment.

Alex then unveils the basic truth behind the growing popularity of his message – talk about real issues and do so from a position of honesty and veritas – ignore temptations to join the system and just become a parroter of the controlled consensus and the managed paradigm – become a maverick, look at issues from different perspectives and never follow the herd. Most of our readers are fully cognizant of this, but for a lot of the individuals in the Talkers audience listening to Alex’s speech, this would have been something of a revelation.


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