Glenn Beck: Quit or Fired? Beck said the departure was his own call, but Fox News chief Roger Ailes has suggested otherwise

[youtube=]Glenn Beck: Quit or Fired?

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Controversial political pundit Glenn Beck is no longer on Fox. On Thursday June 30, 2011, the conservative ranter aired his final show by saying, “For those members of media who are celebrating… you will pray for the time I was only on the air for one hour a day.”

Beck is planning on continuing his career on a nationally-syndicated radio program, in addition to his next project, a subscription-based daily webcast. Beck suggested the departure was his own call, but Fox News Chief Roger Ailes has suggested otherwise.

Ailes told the Associated Press in April, “Half the headlines say he’s been canceled. The other half say he quit. We’re pretty happy with both of them.”

Beck infamously claimed president Obama was “a racist” who “hated white people.”……


Glenn Beck said some strange things on his Fox News departure show: Honor stinks — his wife calls him ‘freak boy’ — he’s wanted something so much he was willing to trade his soul to get it. And now people should follow him into his new $10/month format???

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