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Disclaimer:This is cutting edge info of which all cannot be totally trusted (but that’s absolutely true of the mainstream media too). It’s good to put it in your seed box to see what will sprout.


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July 8
Unintended Consequences: 19th Century Socialism and 21st Century Transhumanism
25 Reasons To Buy Gold and Dump Dollars
Feds Force State & Local Government Insolvency
The Silver Platter Opportunity
India’s MMTC to Import 12% More Gold, 30% More Silver
Retirement Fund Plunder Update: $206 Billion So Far, $62 Billion Left
Social Security Cuts Weighed by Lawmakers Under Change in Inflation Gauge
A 25 Billion Dollar Secret: The NY Fed, Goldman & The AIG Cover-Up
Man Arrested for Filming Police from His Own Yard
Sundance Channel Covers Secret Societies
Europe, Free Speech, And The Sinister Repression Of The Rating Agencies
Globalization: The Road to Global Governance
ATF Head Names FBI, DEA In Gun-Trafficking Probe
‘Nazi’ Police ‘Kidnap’ Woman At Town Hall
Obama To Unveil Gun Control Reforms In Near Future
West Calls For Eric Holder’s Removal
Google Shuts Down Millions Of Websites
Yahoo Condemned Over Plans To Snoop On Emails On Behalf Of Advertisers
No More Privacy: Smart Meters Are Surveillance Devices That Monitor The Behavior In Your Home Every Single Minute Of Every Single Day
A History of Government Management of UFO Perceptions through Film and Television
The (Very) Secret History of Area 51
The Ghastly Truth About The Days Of Noah
John MacArthur Says America Is Under Divine Judgment
‘God the Father’ Banished By Mainline Denomination
What’s Next: Harvesting Body Heat To Generate Electricity

July 7
FDA’s Scheme To Outlaw Nearly All Nutritional Supplements Created After 1994 Would Destroy Millions Of Jobs And Devastate Economy
The Economy Cannot Recover As Long As Inequality Continues to Skyrocket … But Government Policy Is INCREASING Inequality
Bankers Built Private Empires on Public Credit
Reiterates 20% Upside In Commodities, Buying Gold
16 Reasons To Feel Really Depressed About The Direction That The Economy Is Headed
A “Nobel Torsion Message” Over Norway? Pt. 3
A History of Government Management of UFO Perceptions through Film and Television
Security Grifters Partner-Up on Sinister Cyber-Surveillance
Obama Signs Deal to Allow Mexican Truckers Onto U.S. Highways
Obama and His Aides On Top Of The World – American Workers In The Toilet
Obama’s Ineligibility: A Congress Of Cowards
Does History Repeat Itself?
Illuminati Use Socialism to Buy Complicity
The Coming “New World Order” Revolution: How Things Will Change In The Next 20 Years – A Kondratieff Cycle Perspective
Source Claims ATF’s Tampa SAC Walked Guns To Honduras
Gun-Running-Sting Surprise: ATF Director Melson Talked to Congress July 4
Putin: Who Gave NATO Right To Kill Gaddafi?
Checklist: America Meets 90% of Karl Marx’ Demands
US Farmers Fear the Return of the Dust Bowl
Phoenix Dust Storm Rolls In From Desert As Arizona’s Monsoon Season Starts
Could Feared Iceland Volcano Soon Erupt?
Japan Tsunami from Dash Cam
Brzezinski: Middle Class Unrest To Hit U.S.
Rapids Theatre Event Turns Ugly
Listener’s Feed Back–Letter From Heroic Cold War Warrior

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