[strategy] Possible Ron Paul Ads, Suggestions from Tom Woods

From: Lew Rockwell

Possible Ron Paul Ads
Posted on July 14, 2011 by Lew Rockwell
Suggestions from Tom Woods:

Ad #2: The bio ad.  This cannot be an ad telling everyone he’s a doctor, he knew Ronald Reagan, etc.  That won’t jolt anyone.  How about that he’s never, in 24 years in Congress, even once voted to raise taxes?  That he votes down everything — everything — that violates the Constitution?  Compile as many extraordinary things about Dr. Paul as can fit into the ad.  DO NOT say he opposes “wasteful government spending.”  This is DC-speak.  Avoid DC-speak.  Every candidate is against wasteful government spending.  Take off the gloves and show the country who Ron Paul is.

Ad #3: “He was right.”  Other candidates laughed in 2007 when Ron Paul predicted a financial crisis.  They said the economy was fine.  It wasn’t.  Only Ron Paul had the knowledge and the courage to stand up against the conventional wisdom and warn us about what was coming.  At this critical moment, we can’t afford a nominee who is oblivious to what’s really happening to the U.S. economy.  We need the one candidate who predicted the crisis and knows the solution.  Ron Paul.

Ad #4: “Standing alone.” Ever been frustrated with Congress?  Ever wanted to take a stand against the whole corrupt bunch?  One candidate has.  One candidate has stood up to Congress all alone more than any other congressman.  [Meanwhile, the figure “434-1” is superimposed over scenes of Congress.] One candidate has stood up to Congress more than all other congressmen put together. Ron Paul, who stands up for freedom and the Constitution even if it means standing alone.  He has proven he deserves our respect, and our trust.

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