[Fukushima Truth] Jeff Rense Japan and American Nuclear Disaster Headlines

From: Rense.com

Japan Nuclear Disaster

Michael Collins
Japan Update 7.18.11
Free MP3 – Listen
Yoichi Shimatsu
Japan Update 7.18.11
Free MP3 – Listen

Real Time World Earthquake Monitor 

Fukushima Daiichi Plant – LIVE Cam NEW

Typhoon Rain Filling Reactor Buildings With Radioactive Water

Air 150 km From Fukushima As Radioactive As At Plant

Fukushima Water Decon System Working At 53% For Week

Iodine 131 Found In Philadelphia Sewage Plants, Landfills

Whistleblowers Terrified At TVA Nuclear Plants – Vid

Gunderson – Fukushima Radiation, Beef, And ‘Black Rain’ – Vid 

1 Billion Becquerels An Hour Emitting From Fukushima

1458 Radioactive Meat Cows Maybe Already Sold

Japan Expert – Serious Risks Remain At Fukushima – Vid

Japan Won’t Rule Out Radioactive Beef Exported

240 Japanese Children Ate Radioactive Beef

TEPCO Claims Fukushima Roadmap ‘Step One’ Done

GE-Hitachi To Negotiate New Lithuania Nuke Plant

US OKs Sendai Airport – Keeps 50 Mile Stay Away Zone

Japan Finally Bans Fukushima Beef

SOS Again From Minamisoma, Fukushima – Vid

Radioactive Iodine 131 Still Detected In Tokyo Sewage

Cover Put On Reactor 3 Turbine Bldg – Why?

Busby In Japan – High Tokyo Air Cesium – Vid 

Radioactive Beef Sold In 18 Prefectures

TEPCO Covering Turbine 3 Ahead Of Typhoon Ma-On

Japan ‘Colossal Beef Blunder’ – 100,000 CPM Per Cow OK!

Radioactive Rice Found In New Prefecture

High Iodine, Cesium In Reclaimed Tokyo Public Water

Kan Talks ‘Cold Shutdown’ (absurd) – People Going Home

Fukushima Residents Thrown To The Lions

UFOs Over Fukushima, March 26 2011 – Vid

It Will Take 3 Years To Decontaminate Fukushima Water

Concerns Grow Over Radiation In Japan Beef

Category 4 Typhoon Ma-On Headed To Japan

Discoveries By People With Geiger Counters In Japan – Vid

Why Tokyo Metro Should Be Fearful Of Radiation – Vid

Did Explosions Break Concrete Releasing Radioactive Water? – Vid

Kids Playing In Tokyo Metro School Yard Radiation – Vid

Reactor 3 Won’t Hold Nitrogen – Containment Holed – Vid


Fuksuhima Radiation In US & CanadaFREE LISTEN MP3
Janet Starr Hull ..File Click Here

US Chart Showing Precipitation
Radiation Types & Amounts

Live National Radiation Network Map

West LA – Santa Monica Live Readings

Radiation And Jet Stream Forecast Monitoring Sites

Radioactive Rain On Lake Louise, Canada – Vid

High Cesium In Ashes At Tokyo Trash Burning Plant


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