Infowars, Bigger Than Ever!

[youtube=]Infowars, Bigger Than Ever!

Uploaded by on Aug 5, 2011

At, we see our numbers and popularity exploding and we know its not time to sit back and relax but to re-double our efforts. Through all of our combined determination we can derail the globalists one world government, population reduction scheme and restore liberty and constitutional law to the United States.

At, we have been committed to fighting the technocrats for over 15 years we are dedicated now to stepping up our game. Our latest announcements include the creation of the upcoming nightly news broadcast, the social network is also nearing completion, and the infowars newsletter, ‘the insider’ has been launched. Sign up for ‘The Insider’ at the top right hand side of and receive the latest news and exclusive videos. Every little bit of knowledge acquired and shared is a strike into the N.W.O’s armor.

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