Watch tonight, Braveheart!: Ron Paul vs the Warmongerers — GOP debate on MSNBC

They’re all lined up against Braveheart!

One man stands for what is right,
ready to resuscitate America.

And then watch how they won’t even discuss
Ron Paul in the post-debate analysis

happens every time.

Occasionally, in the post-debate analysis,
they’ll actually interview Dr. Paul,
but then it’s like he doesn’t exist in their other conversations.

[FANTASTIC video!!!!!!! Stewart gets it so right!!!] Jon Stewart Scolds Media For Ignoring Ron Paul, the One Who “Planted the Grassroots!” “How did libertarian Ron Paul become the 13th floor in a hotel?” Many Examples…

Also, they don’t poll the people’s response anymore
because Ron Paul almost always wins, honestly.

* * *

Despite the totally biased media,
Ron Paul could still win if the pastors would support him,
But Dr. Paul isn’t warmongering enough for them –
so America is done.

The ‘Christians’ have trashed our homeland —
unwilling to support the only real Christian running

(Jesus said the peacemakers will be called the children of God,
and Ron Paul is the only peacemaker running.

Ron Paul is also the only TOTALLY pro-life candidate running
who also stands for the lives of innocent adults we kill overseas
in our reverse-Christian foreign policy)

Where do you stand?

Will you stand for life?

– jeff

2 thoughts on “Watch tonight, Braveheart!: Ron Paul vs the Warmongerers — GOP debate on MSNBC

  1. russ hook

    Do you actually beLIEve R.P., who is from a SATANIC SECRET SOCIETY is going to do anything beneficial to anyone, or thing except his masters???? Get a LIFE!!!

    1. Well, the only secret society I’ve heard that Ron may be a part of is the Freemasons. I don’t know this is true for a fact. And if it is true, to what degree is he is he still committed (and what degree is he — how high up is he in the group if he is a member)?

      Jesus said “by their fruits we will know them.” I currently only see good fruit from Dr. Ron Paul — no demonic influences that he’s beholden to. He’s a man of his word who will do what he said.

      If he would have enough support to win (which he doesn’t, thanks to the ‘pastors’) they would either Diebold him or assassinate him — which is what they tried with Reagan (Bohemian Club member, but started good), who then did their bidding.

      They have their man in Rick Perry who is a Bilderberger, and who is apparently blackmailable due to his personal life — posing as a Christian just like George W. did to get their votes.

      Where is their any indication Ron Paul wouldn’t do what he said he would? He has a Constitutionally perfect, 20-year voting record.

      Ron disappointed many, including myself, by going along with the official 9/11 story. I don’t think he’s been totally honest regarding 9/11, but I don’t think there is any indication at all that he wouldn’t do what he has said all along even at the threat of being killed, or even if they threatened his family, like they did to take out Ross Perot.


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