An illustration from Alex Jones’ living room*: Form Over Reality — They package dog crap in a beautiful box with a bow on it. Then they package liberty and freedom, the true jewel in a package that looks like dog crap, so the people don’t want it. They want the dog crap.

From: ToBeFree

[* I suspect this is Alex’ living room, but may not be.]

The dog crap illustration seems extreme, but what they’re giving us is much worse.

Dr. Stan would say there are dark spiritual forces at work. And I would say these dark spiritual forces are totally real and actually live inside of people to cause them to do what they otherwise wouldn’t.

They drive the controllers to manipulate the truth. And they drive the people to willfully accept the beautifully packaged dog crap without making sure what they are getting — even liking it.

Some are so deceived they even angrily wish evil on those of us who are trying to help all of us, saying “please open your eyes so you can see what are the jewels and what is the dog crap.”

“Come out from them and be separate,” God says in the Bible.

Let’s arise and be free!

jeff fenske

[youtube=]9/11 Killers Still Using Pat Tillman Even After They Killed

Uploaded by on Sep 9, 2011

All major TV channels are now pumping police state worship 24/7. The controllers are getting ready to kill more Americans and then act as our protectors.

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