[video] Excellent Speaker, George Humphrey: CREATE COMMUNITY — We’re at the end game. QUIT PLAYING their game. Go out there and SURF the tsunami. LOVE your brothers and sisters and keep JOY in your heart!

From: ToBeFree

• Derivatives scam

• “Invest more so it doesn’t sink” game

• Iceland’s AMAZING solution!

• “Give us more power and we’ll fix it” game

* * *

“We’re at the end-game.”

“It’s a spiritual choice we have right now.”

“Quit playing their game.”

“Create community.”

“Go out there and surf the tsunami.”

“Love your brothers and sisters and just keep joy in your heart!”

– George Humphries

Transcribed by Jeff Fenske

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERnCekGBvas]Illuminati Want 60% Population Reduction Now! – Activist George Humphrey 1/2

Uploaded by on Sep 9, 2011

George Humphrey stops by to give Alex an update on what the current timeline is for the Nwo’s agenda for the Global population, and it’s not good.



George Humphrey: For all of my liberal friends who still listen to NPR: Wake Up! This is the Matrix — “I was reading the New York Times. And I just let myself read it without my own point of view, and I realized how incredibly seductive and believable their point is.”

George Humphrey on Alex Jones Tv, 4/2/09: The Game is Fixed! “The people of this nation are far, far more controlled subconsciously than they have any idea about.” “If we see this thing with CLEAR EYES and a FULL HEART, then we can have some LOVE IN OUR HEARTS and realize that we don’t have to go to this materialistic gulag that is being prepared for us.”

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