[video from Taiwan!] Republican Rebel Ron Paul

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ytkaKKGlPo]GOP 2012: Republican rebel Ron Paul

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Ron Paul was born in Pittsburgh and helped out on his family’s dairy farm as a kid.
He met his future wife, Carol, in high school, where he was a star athlete.
After medical school, Paul served as a flight surgeon in the Air Force and Air National Guard.
Around the same time, he became a disciple of the Austrian School of economics which led him to develop a quasi-libertarian dedication to personal freedoms and desire to limit government’s control over society.
After leaving the military, Paul relocated to Texas to work as an obstetrician. He is said to have delivered 4,000 babies.
Paul believes many of America’s problems can be traced to President Nixon’s decision to take the dollar off the gold standard. This made Paul decide to become a politician.
Paul was elected to his first full term in Congress in 1978. Having delivered so many babies in his district no doubt helped.
Unlike most politicians, public office did nothing to moderate Paul’s rigid ideological positions.
He consistently votes against pork-barrel spending for his district and will not take a government pension.
Paul’s positions are so outside the mainstream that many think he’d be unelectable, which may explain why he is neglected by the media.

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