[What’s-Going-On? AUDIO & TEXT] Joel Skousen on Radio Liberty 8/11/11: World Affairs Brief Weekly Update — 9/11 COMMEMORATION: MAKING THE OFFICIAL VERSION PERMANENT — Some of the latest and best evidence that the official story is not true. What we have allowed to happen to this nation is absolutely shameful. We have betrayed our founding fathers and we have cast aside many of our liberties and freedoms because we are so afraid…

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From Joel Skousen’s
World Affairs Brief

This week in the World Affairs Brief:
In this first half of September Americans are being subjected to the largest propaganda campaign in decades, seeking to make permanent in the American psyche the official version of 9/11 and specifically that the attack more infamous than Pearl Harbor was the work of a lone cadre of terrorists from the Middle East, with virtually no foreknowledge, direction, financing or coordination with dark side elements of the US government. The evidence has been building for years that demonstrates this simply wasn’t true. This week, I’ll present some of the latest and best evidence. You can request a one-time free sample of the briefs by sending an email to editor@worldaffairsbrief.com.
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Audio from Dr. Stanley Monteith’s
Radio Liberty archives

Date: 09-08-11
Hour: 1
3:00: William H. Kennedy – Sex Scandal & Satanic Crime
Hour: 2
4:00: Joel Skousen – World Affairs Brief
Hour: 3
8:00: Dr. Michael Brown – A Queer Thing Happened To America
Hour: 4
9:00: Danielle Lindler – Forestry in CA Excessively Regulated
Date: 09-07-11

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In this first half of September Americans are being subjected to the largest propaganda campaign in decades, seeking to make permanent in the American psyche the official version of 9/11 and specifically that the attack more infamous than Pearl Harbor was the work of a lone cadre of terrorists from the Middle East, with virtually no foreknowledge, direction, financing or coordination with dark side elements of the US government. The evidence has been building for years that demonstrates this simply wasn’t true. This week, I’ll present some of the latest and best evidence.

We are required to relive over and over again the superficial happenings of that day and be regaled with repetitive human interest stories of heroes, victims and their families or whether or not people “lost faith at ground zero.” The media show contains no references to the fact that almost a third of Americans distrust or disbelieve the official version.

That is why the mass of evidence linking government foreknowledge and planning to the placement of explosives in the buildings, and the massive subsequent cover-up must never be discussed. “9/11 Truthers” are to be evaded and never allowed to make their case in the mainstream news no matter that many of them are respected architects, engineers, scientists and pilots. Instead, the official version must be drummed into people so that future generations will react with extreme prejudice and disbelief at the mere hint of conspiracy facts or theory.

While I don’t have the space go through all the evidence of government coverup and involvement in 9/11 again, the most dramatic evidence comes from the explosives demolition of WTC building 7. Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have produced a couple of videos that will convince almost all but the most hardened skeptics. The first is a must see, the second gives an even wider spectrum of the experts who agree that only controlled demolition explains the uniform fall of this building. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZEvA8BCoBw
and http://911expertsspeakout.org/

The demolition of WTC buildings 1 and 2, hit by airplanes, was done by a more sophisticated form of controlled demolition using sequential timers set off by human beings who could observe where the aircraft struck. Both buildings showed the same crucial signs of demolition during the fall: no resistance from the floors below, sounds of explosions triggering the fall, and multiple explosions going off on the way down so as to make it appear as if the top were crushing each floor below.

This is done using explosives set every few floors, triggered sequentially to match the speed of the fall as it is descending–not hard to do, just more high-tech. In fact, the height of the Twin Towers required this kind of demolition. Had they done a normal demolition but using cutting charges only at the base columns the tall narrow tower would surely have tipped over during the fall and caused wider damage. One can even observe the antenna array on top of the north building descending slightly before the building itself begins to fall–a sign that the central core columns had been compromised–an area not capable of being damaged directly by the plane. In fact, they were compromised down in the basement. These columns at the base were too massive for conventional cutting charges. Someone with access to the building cut a hole into the hollow core and loaded it with thermite–capable of melting any metal with white hot heat once ignited. The collapse of the central core was probably the sign to the demolition crew to trigger the rest of the charges in the sequential collapse.

With any government coverup, there is always more evidence surfacing in later years, just as it did in the Kennedy Assassination. The media must then mobilize to explain it away or debunk the new evidence that points to government involvement. Here’s an excerpt from a recent NY Times article that contains a lot of disinformation, typical of the mainstream media when they pretend to reveal new light on an old coverup [my comments in brackets].

Jim Dwyer reports that there is “a newly published chronicle of the civil and military aviation responses to the hijackings that originally had been prepared by investigators for the 9/11 Commission, but never completed or released. Threaded into vivid narratives covering each of the four airliners, the multimedia document contains 114 recordings of air traffic controllers, military aviation officers, airline and fighter jet pilots, as well as two of the hijackers, stretching across two hours of the morning of Sept. 11, 2001.

Though some of the audio has emerged over the years, mainly through public hearings and a federal criminal trial, the report provides a rare 360-degree view of events that were unfolding at high speed across the Northeast in the skies and on the ground. This week, the complete document, with recordings, is being published for the first time by the Rutgers Law Review, and selections of it are available online at nytimes.com.[the US government kept these audio recordings under wrap for so many years because they had to edit out many that gave evidence that the government was stonewalling and intervening to stop the normal scrambling of jet fighters to intercept. You see only hints in what is released] ”

“Most of the work on the document — which commission staff members called an ‘audio monograph’ — was finished in 2004, not in time to go through a long legal review before the commission was shut down that August [nonsense. The legal review was an excuse for censorship].

“Mr. Miles Kara, a retired Army colonel and an investigator for the commission who studied the events of that morning, tracked down the original electronic files earlier this year in the National Archives and finished reviewing and transcribing them with help from law students and John J. Farmer Jr., the dean of Rutgers Law School, who served as senior counsel to the commission [The Times implies he did this privately, but everything about 9/11 is classified, so he had to have permission to do this, and others assuredly made sure he didn’t reveal anything they didn’t want revealed. The main purpose of the government instigating this is to give the public more history, selective as it is, so that it reduces the charges that the government is holding back audio tapes–which they still are].”

“At hearings in 2003 and 2004, the 9/11 Commission played some [the rest were never turned over to the Commission] of the recordings and said civil and military controllers improvised responses to attacks they had never trained for [the official excuse for the confusion, and completely at odds with the facts. There was significant training]. At 9 a.m., a manager of air traffic control in New York called Federal Aviation Administration headquarters in Herndon, Va., trying to find out if the civil aviation officials were working with the military.

“‘Do you know if anyone down there has done any coordination to scramble fighter-type airplanes?’ the manager asked, continuing: ‘We have several situations going, going on here, it is escalating big, big time, and we need to get the military involved with us.’ One plane had already crashed into the north tower of the World Trade Center. Another had been hijacked and was seconds from hitting the south tower. At F.A.A. headquarters, not everyone was up to speed.

“‘Why, what’s going on?’ the man in Herndon asked. ‘Just get me somebody who has the authority to get military in the air, now,’ the manager said [this is a perfect example of cherry picking audio responses, making it appear as if there was no hard and fast response built into official procedures. There were, and those procedures to launch interceptor aircraft were purposely subverted by late notice or diversions to false targets. The fact that nothing was happening is the real reason why some manager (who is obviously not in the emergency chain of command) starts calling to find out who’s in charge].

“In its 2004 report, the commission praised front-line aviation officials. But it then thoroughly dismantled the accounts of senior government officials [false. It only pointed out some comedic errors as if they were errors, not deliberate misdirection, which it was], who in the weeks after Sept. 11, and for more than a year afterward, assured the public that fighter pilots had been in hot pursuit of the suicidal hijackers [a couple were, but only after complicit operations commanders knew it was too late to intercept, even at supersonic speeds] . During these chases, according to accounts from Vice President Dick Cheney [who ran the operation to NOT shoot down any attackers from the White House bunker], the F.A.A. and the Defense Department, the pilots were described as ready to carry out a wrenching order from President George W. Bush to shoot down airliners [How patriotic they make it sound, even though pilots were being played the fool].

“The newly published multimedia document spells out precisely how the recordings contradicted the accounts of the senior officials. Throughout the recordings, listeners also get a visceral feeling for the desperate scramble for information, as well as the confusion and lack of coordination between the civil and military aviation authorities [The times imply that the only reason military and administrations officials are less than honest is to cover for confusion and incompetency–not collaboration in the commission of false-flag terror].

“The account published this week is missing two essential pieces that remain restricted or classified, according to Mr. Kara. One is about 30 minutes of the cockpit recording of United Airlines Flight 93, which crashed into the ground after passengers tried to storm the cockpit as hijackers flew across Pennsylvania toward Washington, D.C. Families of some of those onboard have objected to the release of that recording, Mr. Kara said.

“The other still-secret recording is of a high-level conference call that began at 9:28 and grew, over the course of the morning, to include senior figures like Mr. Cheney, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld and the vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Richard B. Myers.

“The recording was turned over to the National Security Council. The 9/11 Commission was not permitted to keep a copy of it or of the transcript, Mr. Kara said, and investigators were closely monitored when they listened to it. Mr. Kara said he believed that the only truly sensitive material on the recordings were small portions that concerned the provisions being made to continue government operations if the attacks took out some national leadership or facilities.

“There was a staffer who was designated to sit with us, who would stop and start the tape, in my estimation to mask continuity of operations,” Mr. Kara said. Nevertheless, he noted, the commission ended up with hours and hours of recordings that it initially did not have access to or had been told did not exist [that’s evidence of obstruction of justice], a point Mr. Farmer echoed in the preface to the Rutgers Law Review article.

“When the commission began taking testimony, military and civil aviation officials said ‘that no tapes were made, and we were told at one point that a technical malfunction would prevent us from hearing them,’ Mr. Farmer wrote [notice that no federal official was prosecuted for lying to the Commission]. ‘If we had not pushed as hard as we did — ultimately persuading the commission to use its subpoena power to obtain the records — many of the critical conversations from that morning may have been lost to history.'”

Of course, the tapes still kept secret are lost to history–only the more innocuous ones were released. What we are witnessing is the near constant utilization of the Hegelian dialectic–the theory of forcing change upon an unwilling populace by the systemic creation of crises and the presentation of nice sounding but evil solutions the public wouldn’t otherwise accept–to “save” them the crisis. War is the ultimate motivator of change, and terrorism is the ultimate excuse to stay on a war footing forever.

And, they are still using it. Just yesterday, the government was hyping another terror threat that is supposed to take place this Sept 11, Sunday. Politico.com reports, “U.S. intelligence officials have received credible information about a potential terrorist attack timed to the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11, 2001, assaults. ‘It’s accurate that there is a specific, credible but unconfirmed threat,’ said a government official.” That’s the same old story–credible but unconfirmed. We’ve heard this before every time they cry wolf. How credible is that?

There were two main purposes of this government run false flag terror attack. The first was to assist the government’s plan to begin imposing draconian restrictions on travel and movement here and abroad (which they never intend to relinquish). This applies to both physical movement and the transfer of monetary assets.

The attack also started the destruction of a host of constitutional legal guarantees such as habeas corpus, right to a speedy trial, freedom from warrantless searches and indefinite detention. You may not think any of those legal losses apply to you–only foreign terrorists. Not so. Each and every one of the above mentioned violations have been imposed upon US citizens and have been upheld by higher courts, without much fanfare. Just because they haven’t applied them to you doesn’t mean they don’t intend to in the future.

Of course, constant electronic surveillance of all communications is now being practiced by various agencies of government. The NSA has been illegally recording telephone and radio transmissions since World War II, but 9/11 gave them the excuse to expand that (still mostly secret) to all domestic internet and cell phone conversations.

The attack on 9/11 has also been used to justify unlimited intervention around the world–a permanent fixture in American foreign policy. US Ambassador Ryan Crocker to Afghanistan (an old political hack who directed the State Department betrayals of pro-US allies all over Central America and Africa) said this week that the United States “will continue to have to occupy Afghanistan for the foreseeable future because of 9/11 and because if the occupation ended 9/11 might happen again.” Incredible.

I’m sure Crocker knows all too well that the US does and will continue to use terror as necessary to keep Americans compliant with this powerful globalist change agenda. Threats like this are easy to turn into self-fulfilling prophecies. When Americans get fed up with airline searches, they just produce another mind controlled shoe or crotch bomber who doesn’t have sufficient training to know you can’t set off plastic explosives with a match.

It’s the same thing in Europe. German Chancellor Helmut Kohl once told a fractious EU conference considering monetary union that “the only alternative to monetary union was a Europe at risk of war.” Everyone was shocked. There was no danger of war–no such sentiment at all. What they didn’t realize is that Kohl was a globalist and knew that should the European’s fail to agree to a monetary union, the PTB would give them a war to force it (and other measures) upon them. That is what terrorism is all about–driving people toward government “salvation.” But that salvation comes at the price of liberty where dissenters are rounded up and put in concentration camps–for the “good of the nation.”

John Whitehead gives a broad overview of the havoc wreaked on American liberty by the government terror operation. “It would not be long before the Bush administration turned its sights on Iraq (in fact, former Treasury Secretary Paul O’Neill alleged that discussions about occupying Iraq began as early as January 2001). Congress marched in lockstep with Bush and his cronies and approved the Iraq War overwhelmingly. Despite the fact that Saddam Hussein had no connection to the 9/11 attacks and Iraq possessed no weapons of mass destruction, the American war machine went into overdrive in an effort to incite American allies and the United Nations to wage war against Iraq.

“Meanwhile, just a month after the 9/11 attacks, Congress passed the nefarious USA PATRIOT Act, which gutted the Bill of Rights. The PATRIOT Act gave the president unprecedented and unconstitutional powers to spy on, monitor, and police American citizens. A clever title, public fear, and congressional ineptitude made the PATRIOT Act a shoo-in. And it was passed without debate and without our so-called representatives even having read the legislation. In this way, through so-called democratic measures, America began a terrible, antidemocratic decade.

“A new but dangerous era was dawning in America, bringing with it death and destruction for American soldiers and Iraqi and Afghan civilians… blinded by hatred, choked with fear and grief, Americans closed their eyes to the emerging threat posed by their own government. Desperate for certainty in a world that was anything but, most Americans fell in line with the president’s leadership, leaving those who questioned the president’s authority to be subdued and labeled unpatriotic.

“The media, having long since abdicated its role as a watchdog, quickly became the mouthpiece of the war machine [this happened long before 9/11]. Under cover of its ‘war on terrorism’ and in blatant violation of constitutional and international law, the Bush administration opened the door to a host of shadowy dealings involving extraordinary renditions, unlawful imprisonment, and torture. Meanwhile, the U.S. established penal colonies in Guantanamo Bay in Cuba and Abu Ghraib in Iraq where prisoners not charged with any crime or brought before any court could be kept in isolation, save for the attentions of certain depraved and sociopathic members of the intelligence agencies and armed forces who delighted in subjecting their detainees to all manner of torture.

“These atrocities further damaged America’s already tarnished reputation and deepened anti-American sentiment worldwide. Ten years after 9/11, we have failed miserably in our attempts to bring about justice for our countrymen who died that day. Even Osama bin Laden’s demise offers little consolation when compared to the injustices we have been forced to endure by our own government. Moreover, by eschewing international law and the core values contained within the Bill of Rights, America has, in many regards, become the enemy of freedom.”

Michael Snyder of endoftheamericandream.com asks “What is the true legacy of 9/11? 10 years after 9/11, is America a better place?” Sadly, the answer clearly is no. He then launches into a plaintiff lament that all of us share. This is the true sadness we all ought to feel.

“In the ten years that have passed, a fundamental shift in our culture has occurred. The American people have eagerly given up large amounts of liberty and freedom in exchange for vague promises of increased security. We were once the land of the free and the home of the brave, but now we are the land of the scared and the home of the slave and we seem to like it that way. Most of us don’t even remember how to act like Americans anymore. American culture has moved so far in the direction of communist China, the USSR and Nazi Germany that it is absolutely frightening [though, except for the TSA, most Americans don’t see it or suffer much directly. That’s intentional]… today nearly everything that we do is watched, monitored, tracked and tightly controlled.

“10 years after 9/11, the American people are living in fear, the federal government is run by control freaks and paranoia has become standard operating procedure. What we have allowed to happen to this nation is absolutely shameful. Once upon a time, the police were generally friendly and trustworthy. You actually wanted to know police officers and be friends with them. But today, police in most areas of the country are deeply feared, and for good reason. They are actually taught to be brutal and authoritarian [and they use the dreaded tasers with the least provocation or resistance]. All of this comes from the very top. Prior to 9/11, the Department of Homeland Security, VIPR teams, the Patriot Act, body scanners, enhanced pat-downs and fusion centers didn’t even exist.

“A fundamental shift has taken place in America, and it is almost as if a severe mental illness has infected nearly the entire law enforcement community in this country [true. The number of honest, courteous police in large metro areas has shrunk to a small minority–even if they don’t realize it themselves].

“The ‘big black boot’ that was supposedly going to keep us all safe is actually destroying this country and everything that it means to be an American. The following are some questions that you should ask anyone who believes that America has responded to 9/11 in a positive way….Is America a better place when all of us (including grandmothers and young children) must either go through a body scanner that reveals the intimate details of our naked bodies or endure an ‘enhanced pat-down’ during which our genitals will be touched in order to get on an airplane?

“Is America a better place now that TSA ‘VIPR teams’ conduct approximately 8,000 ‘unannounced security screenings’ a year at subway stations, bus terminals, seaports and highway rest stops? Should ‘out-of-nowhere’ security sweeps by thugs in black uniforms at transportation centers and public events just be accepted as ‘the new normal’ in America?

“Is America a better place now that the FBI can demand to see your cellphone data whenever it wants? Is America a better place now that the Patriot Act allows the federal government to secretly conduct surveillance on innocent American citizens, monitor the electronic communications of innocent American citizens and conduct warrantless searches of the homes of innocent American citizens?

“Is America a better place now that the federal government has a ‘secret interpretation’ of the Patriot Act that they won’t even release to the general public? How can we possibly follow their rules if they won’t even tell us what they are expecting of us? Is America a better place when the federal government is so paranoid that it feels that it must issue ‘talking points’ instructing government officials what to say about the 10th anniversary of 9/11? [Proves the media are better described as government shills than leftists].

“Is America a better place when the federal government is so paranoid that they spend millions of dollars encouraging us all to spy on one another? The ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ campaign looks like it could have been pulled right out of an East German security handbook.

“Is America a better place when you must submit a ‘crop plan’ and have your garden inspected by bureaucrats before you can participate in certain farmers markets? Is America a better place when people living in this country can be labeled ‘enemy combatants’ just for uploading videos to YouTube?

“Is America a better place now that invisible ‘pain ray’ weapons are being used in American prisons [and on anti-globalist or anti-government demonstrations]? Is America a better place now that LRAD sound cannons are being used to break up college block parties?

“Is America a better place now that state police in some areas of the country are using ‘extraction devices’ to download data from the cellphones of motorists that they pull over? Is America a better place now that local police forces all over the country have been federalized and militarized? Is America a better place now that local police feel empowered to beat people until they are unrecognizable all in the name of maintaining ‘law and order’?

“Is America a better place now that children are being herded like cattle into mass vaccination centers? Is America a better place now that the U.S. Department of Agriculture is spending huge amounts of money to install surveillance cameras in the cafeterias of public schools all over the nation so that government control freaks can closely monitor what our children are eating?

“Is America a better place now that lemonade stands run by young children all over the nation are being shut down by police? Is America a better place now that large numbers of security cameras have gone up in nearly every major U.S. city? Is America a better place now that authorities will pull you over for having the wrong political bumper sticker on your car?

“Is America a better place now that the FDA is employing elaborate entrapment schemes against producers of raw milk? Is America a better place now that the NSA gathers an amount of information on all of us equivalent to the entire Library of Congress every six hours? Is America a better place now that the FBI definition of ‘suspicious activity’ includes making ‘extreme religious statements’ and believing in ‘radical theology’?

“The sad truth is that America is not a better place after 9/11. We have betrayed our founding fathers and we have cast aside many of our liberties and freedoms because we are so afraid that we can’t even see straight. Fortunately, a growing number of Americans are actually waking up. More Americans than ever are tired of being treated like garbage and this is starting to be reflected in recent polling. For example, according to a new Gallup poll an all-time record 63 percent of Americans have a negative view of the federal government. If we continue on the path that we are on, this nation is going to become an absolutely horrific place in which to live. A totalitarian police state is not going to keep you safe. But it will make your life a living hell.”



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