[ audio ] Katherine Albrecht: Seduced by spirits — Selling one’s soul to the Devil for fame and fortune — Gifting to write a song that people find themselves humming to, mesmerized by dark-side-empowered craftsmanship that doesn’t feel diabolical …

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Sat., September 17, 2011

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Mexico // Durango // Music //

Apples are falling on the ground in New England.  Katherine ties that to her experiences in Durango Mexido where she ended up as a talk show host instead of a student where such food waste would not be permitted.  Travel to Durango is interesting and dangerous – El Espinazo Del diablo or The Devils Backbone is the mountain pass in Durango, Mexico. It’s about 5 hours long, and it was the only road from Durango to Mazatlan Sinaloa for a long time.  Katherine has started guitar lessons, and as such has been listening to a great deal of music including that by Bob Dylan.  She reminds us of Bob Dylan (as well as other famous people) admitting to selling their souls to the devil.  Please remember our sponsors who help keep us on the air.  Use coupon code SPYCHIPS for the current discount at Shentrition – for your health.  Coupon codes KMA or SLEEP will get you 25% off at My Pillow for the sleep of your life.  Remember to use StartPage for privacy in your internet searches.

Talkin’ Devil Bob Dylan


My Pillow


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Marcella Piper-Terry // VaxTruth // Vaccines // Katherine’s Blog //

What a fascinating hour!!  Katherine talks with Marcella Piper-Terry, a biomedical consultant and mother of a vaccine-injured child, about informing yourself on vaccine ingredients, the dangers of vaccines, and how to inform yourself.  A sneak preview of Katherine’s blog is linked.  Please be aware that it is in the preliminary stages and the formatting is not yet finalized.  But Katherine wanted to give her listeners a chance to look at it and weigh in.  Please send any comments and/or suggestions to kma@spychips.com.


How Mercury Causes Brain Neuron Damage – University of Calgary (YouTube)

Katherine’s Blog

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