Katherine Albrecht’s New Blog

Katherine Albrecht has recently announced her new blog, which I’ve enthusiastically added to my Freedom Links.

She says this in her first post:

Welcome to my blog

2011 has been quite a year! I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January and my life has not stopped changing since.

As a researcher, educator, activist, and public speaker, I hope I can pass along some of what I’m learning to help others. I also want a space to note interesting things I find in the course of research cancer and other unrelated, esoteric things. Someday I would like to tie it all together into a book.

I’ve gained a lot of insight and courage from reading other women’s blogs as they deal with breast cancer. Blessings to all my sisters coping with this experience, and blessings to all others coping with cancer in any form.

Thanks for joining me here.


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