[video] Peter Schiff on Michael Moore’s ‘End Capitalism Not The Fed’ Comment

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l97SuV6DThQ]Michael Moore End Capitalism Not The Fed, Peter Schiff Rebuttal at Ron Paul Rally

Uploaded by on Sep 29, 2011

It’s important to note, that WeAreChange respects everyone’s opinions and views, and of course, we have our own. We are here simply to ask the questions that we see fit about the issues that we see important. If you disagree with Schiff or Moore please keep your dialog productive and scholarly instead of hateful and slanderous.

That’s why we are here to further the dialog on important issues that divide many Americans.

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10 thoughts on “[video] Peter Schiff on Michael Moore’s ‘End Capitalism Not The Fed’ Comment

  1. Brandon D

    Capitalism has its strengths, but it also has massive problems. Anyone who fails to recognize that simple fact is either ignorant of the facts or blinded by “patriotism”, or whatever ideal capitalism represents in their head.

    It should be abundantly clear from 9/11 that if there is any subject where going against the official position of those in power is not tolerated under any circumstances – a subject which is never genuinely critically discussed in public – then this is a subject that we should seriously question immediately. This applies to capitalism every bit as much as 9/11.

    The reason I am so critical of capitalism is because it can only work to our benefit in a society with a strong moral or religious foundation – which our society clearly does NOT. The capitalist system strongly inclines man towards self-centeredness, greed, and dishonesty, and thus a society must have some sort of moral foundation with which to counteract this temptation.

    Despite my qualms with capitalism, I would still vote for Ron Paul. This is because I would choose a principled and moral man over a social/political/economic ideology any day of the week. These social and economic structures are tools which an evil man makes into a knife and a good man makes into a shovel.

  2. Alan R

    Our country was built from almost nothing at the beginning. Men came here with great ideas and they stood together to come up with a document which would guarantee a way of life and act as a guide for people to follow in the future. Unfortunately, we looked well beyond what our ancestors had envisioned and we created a mutated form of government which is turning on the very document and the very ideas that brought us here. It’s as if God created men and women and in the end we spit in his face. We have lost our way and we need to find a way to get back on track fast! I hear only one person consistently sending a clear message to the world: Ron Paul.

    He saw this enormous problem coming many years ago when the dollar was taken off the gold standard and every other politician was a cheerleader promoting a false sense of security and stability. Ultimately, our once stable and strong systems (government, economic, business) have been dismantled piece by piece in front of our very eyes while we have been sitting in front of a television watching mindless programs. When mainstream media does report issues, it does with manipulation and propaganda and the general public is oblivious to what is happening. It’s appalling how “dumbed down” we have become and how easy it is for the media and the government to trick us. Pretty soon, our economic system will collapse and those dependent on the system will be rioting in the streets. They will also turn on one another and a lot of people will get hurt.

    This has nothing to do with capitalism because other countries in history (not capitalistic) have gone through the same. It’s as if countries are doomed to repeat mistakes over and over until it leads to an utter failure in the end. Capitalism did not bring us here – it was a combination of many things. We let ourselves become greedy and unrealistic and others capitalized on that to make a profit. Still others capitalized on the situation to divide and conquer. We have to now look at the situation and rebuild. We will have to pull together and create unity instead of division. We will have to look past differences and create a vision for everyone to follow.

    1. Alan,

      Wow, WoW, WOW!!! Excellently stated!

      “…we created a mutated form of government which is turning on the very document and the very ideas that brought us here.”

      “It’s appalling how “dumbed down” we have become and how easy it is for the media and the government to trick us.”

      Like Roger Waters said: we’ve “amused ourselves to death.”

      Roger Waters: “It was the Greatest Show On Earth … And when they found our shadows grouped ’round the TV sets … This species has AMUSED ITSELF TO DEATH”

      And you mentioned how Ron Paul has known for decades…. Not only are his sound money and Constitutional government ideas ignored and/or ridiculed. It’s just disgraceful to see this lone truth-teller recently stand on stage and be booed by even evangelical ‘Christians when calling for ethical responsibility toward other people groups.

      The people are willfully accepting the poison and actively opposing those who would set them free! This is so sad to see, but not surprising when pastors are no longer Christlike:

      Bob Fletcher: U.S. Gov’t Contracting Assassinations to Blackwater/Xe — Anyone missing lately? | Dr. Stanley Monteith: “When is the last time you heard a religious leader in America talk out and say torture is wrong?”

  3. Brandon D

    Well said, but unfortunately capitalism is at least partially to blame IMO. If a boat tilts quite a bit to the side, then even though it is the responsibility of the passengers to secure themselves, the imbalance of the boat is still partially to blame for the people who fall out. As in the boat example there is nothing moral in this position, it is just an observation of facts.

    The greed and self-centeredness of man is always something has always been a danger to humanity, but there is a reason that the particular evils of GREED and CAPITALIZATION (as stated by the commenter above) have brought down our particular society. An economic system which encourages and cultivates these precise faults cannot be held blameless.

    The “capitalist” is of course quick to see the mote in the “socialist’s” eye, and vice versa.

    Both points of view have validity and flaws and thus we need to transcend these sort of rigid ideologies. This is the reason I bothered to respond, by posting the Moore clip with the politician’s facile and very typical “cynical politician” response (which is uncharacteristic of most of the posts on this site), this seems to reveal a loyalty towards a particular rigid ideology, and thus a lack of objectivity as I perceive it.

    Then again, no one else’s boat is still from the point of view of our particular boat rocking on the water. So take these opinions with a grain of salt.

    As always, thanks for the thought-provoking material on your site.

    1. Brandon,

      I’ve been thinking about what you said. What do you think of this?

      Blaming the FREE market for the fall of America is like
      blaming God for giving us FREE will to be able to
      either follow Him and live in PEACE and harmony,
      or the dark side and then end up with DARK side consequences —
      which we definitely collectively are.


      1. Brandon D

        That isn’t quite an accurate comparison, IMO. A more accurate comparison would be this:

        The capitalist economic system being partially to blame for the fall of America is like
        (in the Christian model of the world) God being partly to blame for human beings turning towards evil, since He created us with a natural tendency towards evil (original sin) and put us in a world where being evil will benefit us and being good will harm us in a great many circumstances. It is not a simple case of 50% good/50% evil, it could be easily argued that God heavily stacked the dice in favor of evil.

        This is a whole different subject that I’m guessing we may not see eye to eye on, but I am totally ok with you thinking differently. I would never disrespect someone’s religious beliefs if they appear genuine to me (as yours do).

        But the analogy you bring up does touch upon one of the problems I personally have with the Christian religion, as it exists in contemporary society: The idea of free will and how it has affected our culture and the way we treat one another.

        In fact, it can be easily illustrated that human beings do not have ABSOLUTE free will – I cannot go outside and fly to the top of my house for example, even if I willed it all day long. We are created under certain rules and laws, which are natural physical restrictions to our free will. In addition, we have internal psychological restrictions placed upon our free will, which are more insidious because they cannot be seen or readily felt. And on top of this, we have influences and pressures arising from the world around us, both seen and unseen. For all humans, these things are all blended one into another, there are not hard dividing lines between them, and thus there is not free will in the way that the term is popularly understood.

        I think there is a kind of free will for humans here on earth, but it is like the free will of a man in prison who is chained to a heavy ball, and is partially blind and starving.

        Regarding these observations, I cannot see how an *omnipotent* and *omniscient* creator cannot to some degree be held responsible for the direction that his creation has travelled.

        1. Brandon,

          This is such a big subject that I almost hesitate to say anything. There are so many factors involved.

          It seems that a person’s religious view in a big way determines their politics. Those who believe in God less seem to believe in big government more.

          While those ‘Christians’ who don’t really believe in abiding in Christ, and who don’t fear God personally (because they erroneously believe they can never lose their salvation — rewriting the gospel) also believe in the big US war machine killing anyone who makes a peep against US or Israel — though what we really need is for America and Israel to repent and get right with those they’ve hurt and become truly under God.

          It is my opinion that both of these groups are destroying America, because the people in charge will take this support to gut the Constitution and bring us into a police state, which will eventually result in all nations merging into one — what the Bible predicts as the one-world government led by Satan through people who are willing to carry out his will — which is true of many who are leading this country and the media. And is certainly true of those pulling the strings at the very top.

          We’re not going to have benevolent leaders who could make socialism work. Socialism could only work at the small local level, in my opinion, like in the Kibbutzes in Israel, or in the early church in the Book of Acts. And then these local people would keep each other responsible, or they couldn’t be in the group. This means those who are really needy would get taken care of, but the freeloaders would not.

          And this is the number one reason I totally oppose Obama Care:

          Dr. Scott Johnson: Pharmakeia — Sorcery, Pharmaceuticals & the Roots of Modern Day Drug Industry. “You cannot drug your body into good health.” “Drugs are not going to take the demons away.” “They’ve swept the symptoms under the rug for so long that now they’re a surgical candidate.”

          Most of what Big Pharma is all about isn’t really health care. They ruin more people’s health then they improve it. They only do things that they can make a lot of money from, and turn the public away from the simple things that could get the people healthy. It’s all a scam.

          So much of what is going on today is a scam. And Obama, himself is a scam, which I’ve proven on this site. I thought George W. lied a lot. Obama is the biggest liar we’ve ever had for President, but anti-Jesus voices like Bill Maher still rally the people behind Obama.

          I watched Bill Maher’s movie on Christianity. He’s right to expose fake Christianity, but he’s wrong to use forged history to discredit Christ, Himself. Maher is a liar too, who gets people to support liars and be against the only perfect man who ever existed on earth, Jesus Christ. He called Jesus effeminate on his last show, which is a total lie too.

          Maher can laugh all he wants, but God’s justice is such that He usually doesn’t directly judge people while on earth, but we will all reap what we’ve sown on earth as to what we experience in the hereafter.

          This world will soon pass away, but if it doesn’t, we soon will. But many act like we’re going to be here forever, and think we can have utopia on earth through socialism — where government will take care of all people instead of ourselves having to take care of each other, where it can then be done responsibly.

          The goal should be love, not big government.

          And we haven’t really gotten into how we are now so far from true capitalism or the free market, that what we have now is more like fascism — what John Perkins calls the corporatocracy, which is basically what Peter Schiff was saying.

          I don’t know if you’re on Facebook, but I recently got involved and put up a bunch of quotes that I’ve mostly already posted on my sites. You may be interested in what they have to say. See my Info page at facebook.com/onecanhappen

          Also, you talk about how we really don’t have free will, but are influenced by forces. I believe those are demonic, and only by living in Christ can we be free of those. These are real creatures that we can’t see, but influence most people today in big ways, whether ‘Christian’ or not, because most ‘Christians’ aren’t really Christians — loving God with all of their hearts… and their neighbors as themselves.

          Most pastors aren’t free, and they hog the pulpits with their reverse-Christian ideas that keep the ‘Christians’ from being free. So then God can’t actively dwell among the ‘Christians’ so the people worldwide would know how good and fair God really is. (John 17 — which is much of what my ONEcanhappen site is about).

          And most liberals aren’t free either. Many have willfully sinned, and won’t get out of their sin, and then look to government as the answer. But there is so much corruption from the general population on up that big government can’t be the answer.

          Our struggle isn’t against people, but real spirits that directly affect us if we let them. And Big Pharma’s drugs may even dull further desensitize people so they give into the spirits that control them: Skousen: Anti-Depressants Suppress the Conscience Part of the Brain

          There are just so many factors here, and the dark side runs the Republicans (opposing Ron Paul as part of their fruit, for example) just like the dark side runs the Democrats.

          “Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty.” If we were self governed America would be flourishing. We are increasingly going into tyranny because we personally allowing ourselves to be led by dark forces instead of living in Love and under God’s authority no matter what.

          Socialism isn’t going to save the day when people’s hearts are evil — and people with evil hearts are in charge.

          God has given us a way out, which is living in His Son, or abiding in Christ (John 15 which then results in John 17). Then we wouldn’t give into the naked body scanners, able to be controlled through fear; even though, we’re more likely to die from bee stings than a terrorist action.

          I like the fact that God gave us free will. I find it exciting and challenging to figure out what is really going on so we can learn how to rise above the deception and get ourselves out of the Matrix.

          Have you ever seen the movie, how the one guy went back into the Matrix, knowing that he could eat steak again, even if he knew they were fake?

          The Bible says in the last days people will be willfully ignorant. To me, that is the most disgusting thing, because when the majority are willfully ignorant, then deceivers will be in charge and the media will be able to actually say ‘Fair and Balanced” when they are manipulation central.

          In the last Presidential election, I actually thought Ron Paul could win. But then I saw those who should have been his biggest supports, the evangelical ‘Christians’ fight him tooth and nail, supporting instead the globalist choices on the Republican side who gutted America and killed many hundreds of thousands overseas — Bush even doing it in the name of Christ — the evangelicals cheering him on, even now that he has declared he’s openly pro-torture.

          And now we have the liberals who no longer oppose the continuation of the wars or really anything Obama does, including assassinating American citizens without due process.

          America is done. It’s just a matter of when, now. Only a moral people can keep their liberty. People have allowed evil spirits to control them instead of making sure they have inner peace from submitting to the only power that can set them free within. If we are not free within we won’t be able to stay free governmentally.

          The Rockefellers and others have used the tax exempt foundations to use guys like Kinsey to destroy American’s morals so we can be taken over.

          When Ron Paul gets booed by the ‘Christians’ for calling for Israel to treat its neighbors humanely, and he’s shunned by the left for not being willing to violate the Constitution to get the Federal government (not the states) to become a welfare state, we have no moral base for Paul to be elected so America can continue to survive.

          Most of the people are glad that Ron Paul is being dissed by the media. The right wants war and the left wants big government so we don’t have to be personally responsible. And big government will mean the end of America so they can merge us with all of the other nations so no one can buy or sell unless they take the mark.

          That’s what it’s coming to.

          Joel Skousen also believes they’re setting us up for a war with Russia/China, who will then take us out, being so weakened that we are willfully letting ourselves be vulnerable to an EMP and nuke attack in which we’ll hardly be able to respond.

          In the meantime, almost all Americans (including ‘Christians) are sex and maybe even the-love-of-money addicts, willfully living in the Matrix, lulled to sleep by spirits that actually internally compel them to not get free so all of us can stay free externally.

          That’s why Dr. Stanley Monteith talks about dark spiritual forces that are behind what is happening. And Michael Moore is one of the key players who seems to be himself willfully ignorant, leading many into a false hope that his ideas could actually work when pathological liars like Barack Obama would be given even more control.

          Ron Paul won’t be elected. And the big government will just bring more tyranny. America is done. The only solution now is for us to get internally free, individually — to get freedom to happen among us personally to where we are free of all darkness — so God can dwell among us giving us great joy and love for all mankind — which is what Jesus calls us being ONE with each other in Him (John 17). Then the world will know how awesome God really is when they see God’s actual, manifest glory among those who are called by His name and who are literally abiding in Christ.

          To me, that should be the number one goal anyway. And this is my main passion, so that this happens before we lose our freedoms to communicate over the net, as well as to assemble.

          Anyway, these are some of my ideas regarding these issues. I don’t think we can really understand what is going on until we understand how the dark forces control people. Then it all makes sense.

          I don’t think it’s possible to have governmental utopia anymore. Too many people have fallen for the lies. But there is great hope for a true, spiritual revival, which I think will be the Third Great Awakening. And I think some local communities can do well too. I’m hoping this will happen in Alaska.

          A group of people somewhere need to break out of the trance and then groups elsewhere will follow. There is going to be huge brightness in the huge blackness.

          I knew this would be a comment that would be difficult to stop writing, but I must. If you or anyone else are interested more in the spiritual aspects I’m talking about, I go into that in depth at my ONEcanhappen site.

          God bless!

          Jeff Fenske

          May we be ONE!

          A good movie to watch on how we can be happy no matter what, even within tyranny is The Robe.

  4. Brandon D

    Thanks for your comments. Just for the record I am not an atheist, nor am I a socialist or any of those “ists”. Sometimes speaking out critically about one particular point of view implies to people that they support the opposite point of view, but that’s not the case with me.

    I appreciate your website because I was brought up in a “right-wing” family that gave me a very negative image of Christianity, to the degree that I began to instinctively dislike Christians. But you help balance that image because you are one of the few Christians who is not hypocritical and corrupted.

    I will track down that movie you suggested, thanks 🙂

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