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2011 SEPTEMBER 24 – 30

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Socialist (collectivist) Michael Moore calls for an end to capitalism at the Wall Street protests. Peter Schiff explains that capitalism has been vilified and that a government partnership with Wall Street is not capitalism. InfoWars 2011 Sep 30

US: Department of Homeland Security is auctioning off land to pay down some of the government’s debt. Plum Island is for sale, home of a germ laboratory and animal-disease research. The price is only $80 million because the biohazard cleanup will be expensive. No one really knows if secret experiments may have produced active, harmful organisms. DailyMail 2011 Sep 30 (Cached)

German lawmakers voted 315 to 15 to allow the EU to create  more money out of nothing to once again bailout Europe’s failing banks. [The cost will be passes on to taxpayers in the form of inflation, but the media, bankers, and politicians are hailing this as a wise move that averted financial disaster – for the banks and politicians, that is. Disaster for the common man was not averted. It was guarnteed.] Yahoo 2011 Sep 29 (Cached)

US: The ATF says that anyone legally licensed to grow medical marijuana is not entitled to own a gun, even though the right to bear arms is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. This is the same ATF that sold heavy arms to Mexico’s drug cartel.  
2011 Sep 29 (Cached)

US: Fish & Wildlife Service wants to add 700 more animal and plant species to the Endangered Species list. [This will further cripple private use of land and water, which is the real purpose of the program, not protection or endangered species.]

 Yahoo 2011 Sep 29 (Cached)

Facebook is caught tracking the Internet activity of its members after they log off. They said they really didn’t intend to do it. It was just a software error.. DailyMail 2011 Sep 28 (Cached)

US: The Center for Disease Control is calling households demanding child immunization records to intimidate parents into complying with the childhood-vaccine program. [And the vaccine manufacturers don’t even have to pay the CDC salaries!] NaturalNews 2011 Sep 28 (Cached)

North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue proposes suspending 2012 elections for 2 years to give Obama and Congress more time to deal with the economic crisis. [Apparently she doesn’t understand that the more time they have to continue their same failed policies, the worse it gets. And, oh yrs, who needs elections, anyway?]

Canada Free Press 2011 Sep 28 (Cached)

US Inspector General says the EPA failed to properly research the finding that greenhouse gas poses a danger to human health, which resulted in needless regulations causing massive destruction of jobs. Yahoo 2011 Sep 28 (Cached)

ITV News is caught using scenes from a video game to show Gadhafi-backed IRA soldiers attacking a British helicopter. The producers said it was a ‘human error’ in which the editors mistakenly selected the wrong film clips. [Sure they did.]

DailyMail 2011 Sep 28 (Cached)

Thimerosal is a vaccine additive that contains ethylmercury, which the manufacturer says is safe. However, Dr. Paul King proves that it is even more dangerous than methylmercury, which is generally recognized as harmful. Activist Post 2011 Sep 28 (Cached)

Wisconsin judge declares that citizens do NOT have the right to produce or eat the foods of their choice. The judge made the statement after his ruling over raw milk was questioned. [A basic tenet of collectivism is that the group rights are above individual rights. The judge is saying that the group is represented by the state and, therefore, rulings by the state are above individual rights to do anything.] NoNAIS 2011 Sep 27 (Cached)

US: ‘Occupy Wall Street’ protests have close ties to ACORN and unions. They are not calling for sound money, an end to collusion between government and banks, or fraudulent banking practices. Instead, they are demanding redistribution of wealth, more government intervention, and other hallmarks of collectivism, Marxist style. [This has all the earmarks of controlled opposition.] WND 2011 Posted Sep 27 (Cached)

China’s population police hunt down pregnant women who lack birth permits and forcibly abort their fetuses. Co-workers rat on pregnant women because they are threatened with punishment if they don’t. Epoch Times 2011 Sep 27 (Cached)

New York police caught on video putting non non-violent Wall Street protestors into a net and then spraying them with mace. Internet activists have posted online the name and phone number of one of the police. [We do not agree with the collectivist/socialist demands of the protesters but we strongly object to such actions by police.]
2011 Sep 27 (Cached)

Pipe, tubes, and bouncing balls play great music. It took 13,029 hours to build, align, calibrate, and tune the instrument. Incredible!


Monsanto’s glyphosate herbicide has been found in the air, drinking water, and rivers. Over 180 million pounds contaminate the environment every year. Monsanto knew glyphosate causes birth defects, endocrine disruption, cancer and other health damage. [However, because of its powerful influence in government, its executives will not be held responsible.] NaturalNews 2011 27 (Cached)

US: New EPA regulations will require 230,000 additional bureaucrats to administer at a cost of $21 billion. Over 6 million businesses will be subjected to the regulations. [Now we know what Obama’s job program is all about.]. Hot Air 2011 Sep 26 (Cached)

Obama’s so-called Jobs plan contains a provision that established Canadian and American police to have juridiction in both countries. This is another huge step toward the merger of the US into the North American Union, a supra government including Mexico as well. [Voters are not being a voice in this move. In fact. they are not even being told about it.]  PPJ Gazette 2011 Sep 26 (Cached)

Maui residents have crafted a county ordinance to ban the release of aerosols and particulates into the sky (chemtrails). NaturalNews 2011 Sep 26 (Cached)

Gold and silver suffered big losses this week, but not because of a change in market fundamentals. It was because the commodities exchange sharply reduced the extent to which speculators can acquire gold or silver contracts with borrowed money instead of cash. Thousands of speculators had to sell a portion of their holdings to raise the money to protect the balance. This sudden dump caused a sharp decline in price. Investors who lost money when Wall Street crashed last week also had to sell gold and silver (if they held any) to cover their leveraged losses in stocks and bonds. [The only people hurt were speculators who play the market with borrowed money. Investors with cash did exceedingly well. Now that the sell off is complete, the price of gold and silver once again will move upward as a mirror image of the decline in the purchasing power of the dollar and other fiat currencies.] SF Gate 2011 Sep 26 (Cached)

Japan: Rice crops are found to contain more than three times the level of radioactive cesium than just a few months ago, indicating that radioactive materials are still coming from the damaged power plants. Officials responded as expected. They simply raised the standard so that the new levels of radioactivity now are pronounced safe.
IB Times
2011 Sep 26 (Cached)

This news report illustrates the common ignorance of the value of gold compared to paper, fiat money. A TV reporter, who is presented as an expert, says that investors are  getting out of the gold market because it is not backed by anything! She says that it is much better to hold government bonds and dollars because they are backed by the Federal Reserve. [Honest! She really says that.] YouTube 2011 Sep 24

France requires that sales of gold & silver over $600 must be paid by check, bank transfer, or credit card. Governments that issue fiat currencies do not want people to have precious metals because that allows them to escape inflation. The purpose of tracking gold and silver sales is to know who to visit if they later decide to confiscate it.
2011 Posted Sep 24 (Cached)

Nuclear expert Chris Busby says that the air in Japan is highly contaminated with radioactive particles that will cause heart disease, especially in children. Nuclear waste is transported and burned all over Japan causing the entire country to become increasingly contaminated. [His explanation of why they are doing this will shock you.] GRTV Posted 2011 Sep 24


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

US: Retired Supreme Court Justice Stevens says that ObamaCare likely will be upheld when heard in the Supreme Court, based on a precedent set in 2005 when the Court used the Commerce clause to rule against California over medical marijuana. Yahoo 2011 Sep 28 (Cached)

Justice Stevens forgot to mention that, after the Court ruled against California in the marijuana case, the state NULLIFIED the law and ignored the court. ObamaCare also can be nullified by the states. YouTube posted 2011 Sep 28

UK: Independent trader shocks BBC TV crew by saying that the stock markets are doomed and that Goldman Sachs rules the world, not governments. [Beware: his advice about preparation is good, but we think his recommendation to invest in Treasury bonds and the US dollar are bad tips]
2011 Sep 26

‘Snake Oil for Sale – Part 2’ Here is a rebuttal from Dave Robinson, an organizer of the movement to “re-inhabit the Republic of the United States.” It is in response to an article from Richard Michael, dated 2011 Sep 19. At the end, there is a counter rebuttal from Richard. Lengthy comments to be sure but very important for anyone considering this movement. Unfiltered News, 2011 Sep 28

This short video explaines fiat money and, most important, who benefits from it. [It’s probably not you, but who?] YouTube Posted 2011 Sep 24

US: Tea Party Republicans bash Democrats for their socialist programs such as Obamacare but support Republican socialist programs such as Medicare, Food Stamps, Social Security, Federal control of Education, and the EPA. [Tea Partiers are 92% loyal to the Republican Party. They are running out of time to see through the illusion of a political choice between Left and Right.] TAC Posted 2011 Sep 24 (Cached)

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